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The Vibe Report – October ‘08
Friday, October 31, 2008

A brand new column, a brand new issue of Beyond Race, and the planning of a little time off highlight the best of the month that was, while electoral hijinks, one of my least favorite sports teams seeing success, and yet another New York landmark closing its doors are the lowlights. This is The Vibe Report for October 2008.

Good Vibes

The Debut of The B-Side -
What’s The B-Side? Well, I’m glad you asked! The B-Side is my brand new bi-weekly column in the Fairfield County Weekly (which is my area’s version of The Village Voice, or The LA Weekly). I’m covering all things local Hip-Hop and R&B, from the amazing artists who were born and raised here, to the national stars whose tour happen to be stopping in the area. I’ve been wanting to write for The Weekly for years, so you can understand my excitement about becoming a columnist for the paper. FYI - This week’s edition of The B-Side features my interview with Mr. Lif and is available both in the paper and online.

The Fall Issue of Beyond Race - The cover (the top half of which is seen above) has Santogold in front of a Carolina blue background. The masthead has me listed at as Urban Culture Editor for the very first time. Yes, the fall issue of Beyond Race is finally on newsstands and I have to say it’s the best one yet. The designers really outdid themselves and all the writing is top notch (especially my three articles). Our issue release party was also off the hook as three former Adam’s World Artists Of The Week were in attendance; Rabbi Darkside, Joshua Guthals of Kind Monitor, and Hip-Hop trio T-Weaponz.

Finally Taking a Vacation - It’s been over six years since I’ve had any sort of a vacation, but lo and behold the universe has seen fit to finally give me a few days off in early November when I head out to Las Vegas to see one of my cousins get married. I will NOT be checking email. The only online updates people will have will be via my Facebook status, which I will update routinely via my phone. A big ups in advance to my homegirl Jen, who’s going to be my official tour guide for one of my days there, and any emcees I may happen to link up with while I’m in “the Vegas.” In fact, if you’re an emcee and you live in Vegas and you want to link up, holler at me! Fans of Adam’s World (which I’m hoping all of you are) who are wondering if there will be blog posts during that time need not worry, I’ll be pre-blogging and setting it up to post automatically, so you’ll still have fresh content while I’m getting some much needed R&R. (Yes, I know, technically this isn’t an October happening, but I planned the vacation in October, so it still counts.)

Bad Vibes

The State of Connecticut -
All I want to do is vote Libertarian in the upcoming presidential election, but my own home state won’t let me. Looks like I’ll be writing in my vote. If any other CT residents are thinking Bob Barr don’t be dissuaded by his lack of inclusion on the ballot. From what I understand, if we can find a way to get him 1% of the vote it will secure a spot on the ballot the next Libertarian presidential candidate. Wars aren’t won overnight. Let’s keep fighting the good fight.

The Philadelphia Phillies - It sickens me to have to refer to this team as the World Series champions. As a Mets fan I really can’t stand the Phillies. I hope next year we throw at Jimmy Rollins’ head the first half dozen times he comes up to bat. Of course, the way this Phillies team celebrates nobody in that city is going to be sitting down for weeks. So enjoy your victory and all the gratuitous ass poundings you're now giving each other.

The First Carvel Closes - I don’t eat ice cream very often, but when I do it’s always Carvel. It’s truly sad to see the place where it all began get closed down. It’s where Fudgie The Whale Cookiepuss were born! Why couldn’t this landmark be saved?

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