Adam Bernard – Bio, Contact Info, & More!

Adam Bernard is a music industry veteran who has been working in media since 2000. He's old-school enough to have written a newspaper column, been one of the original music bloggers, and penned 14 national magazine cover stories along the way. If you live in the NYC area, you've probably seen him at a show.

Always looking to discover new artists and bands, he interviewed Katy Perry before she kissed a girl, and 50 Cent before he looked to get rich or die tryin'.

Also a cancer survivor, and a 6th degree black belt in Kempo, Adam released a memoir, ChemBro: Embracing Beastmode to Beat Cancer, in 2020 via Dreaming Big Publications.

Spoiler alert—he lives!

* You can follow Adam on Twitter at @AdamsWorldBlog

* You can pick up ChemBro on Amazon

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* You can reach out to Adam at

He is still waiting for Vanessa Hudgens to reply to one of his tweets.


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