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The Vibe Report – July ‘08
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In this month’s edition of The Vibe Report I’m taking a look at a serious Joker, a poisonous CEO and The Adam B Midas Touch working its magic once again. This installment also includes a way YOU can help a B-Lister gain some more fame! Hey, we always say we want better music on the airwaves, so let’s make it happen.

Good Vibes

Rue Melo on MTVu -
It’s time for a little B-Lister pride. You know how last month I mentioned The Adam B Midas Touch? Well, apparently the magic has rubbed off on another former Artist Of The Week as Rue Melo, an artist I know all Adam’s World readers know about as she’s been featured here numerous times over the past year, is nominated in MTVu’s latest installment of their “Freshman” program where they take five videos from new artists, play them a handful of times, and have viewers vote on which one they want kept in rotation. Last time around another B-Lister, Substantial, took home the honor, so let’s make it back to back B-Listers and get Rue into rotation on MTVu! Voting will be open until 11:59am est on Friday, August 1st, so head on over to MTVu.com and give Rue a vote or two (or twenty).

Heath Ledger - Judging by ticket sales most everyone in America has seen The Dark Knight at least once by now and one of the reasons it’s such a fantastic movie is the amazing performance by the late Heath Ledger. He really was The Joker in this film and it’s clear that this was going to be the role that would launch his career to another level. While some have wondered if a final performance this good might create a Valentino or James Dean type of situation the reality is it probably won’t as Ledger was in full makeup for the entire movie. Had his face been shown at any point in time it might be a different story. Hopefully his memory will be rewarded come award time.

Puffy Is Poison - I Want to Work for Diddy premiers August 4th on VH1. Think any of the contestants have peeped this fantastic little clip?

Props to ProHipHop for bringing that video to my attention.

Bad Vibes

MySpace -
As some of you may know, for the past six months MySpace has taken to disabling all links to my blog placed on their site, be it by me or one of my friends. I can’t post a bulletin, or make a MySpace blog post, without having the link being redirected to a page that claims my site is “Phishing” (which it most certainly is not!). I emailed them multiple times about this, as did at least one friend of mine, and the most information I ever received in response was “we’re working on it.” Well, this week they wouldn’t even let me post my weekly update in my MySpace blog and when I emailed them asking why I can’t post relevant information when artists can blast the bulletin board with 17 straight posts about how they have a new song on iTunes I received no response whatsoever. It's no wonder Facebook continues to grow by the hour.

Email Addiction - I spent quite a few full days in NYC the other week and being that I don’t have a Blackberry this kept me away from my email for large chunks of time. Do you know what I found out? It doesn’t really matter. Believe it or not, even with me being someone who telecommutes and runs a blog, I really only need to check email a couple of times a day and the same goes for most everyone else in the world. We’ve become chained to our computers under the false pretense of connectedness. Guess what, I was more connected away from my computer, running into at least 25+ friends of mine and meeting plenty of new people to work with while roaming about the city. All I had to do when I arrived home was log in, delete the vast majority of my inbox as I had a lot of junk mail, and deal with the dozen or so messages that really mattered. Try being away from your computer for an entire day. You’ll be surprised how little time you actually need to spend at it.

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