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The Vibe Report – April ‘08
Friday, April 25, 2008

From the NFL Draft to Miley Cyrus’ book deal to the passing of a legend, there’s a lot for me to cover in this month's edition of The Vibe Report. In addition to those topics I’m also tackling our presidential candidates’ appearances on RAW, riding the train for free, and Mel Kiper’s hair. I hope you’re ready to vibe with me people.

Good Vibes

RAW Is Politics -
The three remaining candidates cutting promos for last Monday’s edition of WWE Monday Night Raw and it was the kind of train wreck you had to see to believe (and thanks to the internet everyone can do just that). Hillary sounded as though she thought she was speaking to a kindergarten class, Obama’s eyes never left the teleprompter and McCain, well, I have to give it to the old guy as he seemed the most at home delivering a wrestling promo. If I had to put money on it I’d bet that John McCain watches a little WWE with his grandkids on occasion. So why is this inanity in the Good Vibes section? Because it makes me laugh to think about what our political system has become when pro wrestling fans (myself included) can watch a presidential candidate on RAW and then chastise him, or her, for their lack of authenticity. Admit it, that’s pretty hilarious, and as someone who wants to see some real change in the way our government operates, nothing will lead to it quite like the phrase “pro wrestling fans think you’re fake.”

Free Rides - Don’t let Metro North know, but they gave me a free ride into the city this week. On Wednesday I happen to be sitting in an area with people around my age who were all commuters and as they opened their wallets to flash their monthly passes I was opening mine to pull out my ten trip ticket. The conductor thought I was with them and that I, too, was flashing a monthly. He walked on by and I saved some dough. Gotta love it!

Mel Kiper’s Hair - The NFL Draft this weekend and no NFL Draft conversation is complete, or really even started, without a mention of the Samson-esque example of follicle fruitfulness atop ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper’s head (pictured above). It is its hypnotizing powers that have kept him employed all these years.

Bad Vibes

Mel Kiper’s Draft Day Analysis -
For as great as his hair is Mel is quite possibly my least favorite personality to listen to on draft day. Want a fun drinking game (that will end quickly)? Take a drink every time Mel Kiper calls a selection as “solid pick,” or refers to somebody just drafted as a “quality player.” The only thing saving you from alcohol poisoning is the ridiculous amount of time between picks. I hear this year Spike will attempt to steal ESPN’s viewers by airing the Star War trilogy in its entirety between picks one and two.

Miley Cyrus' Book Deal - Now, I’m not trying to be a hater here, but what on earth could Miley Cyrus possibly have to say that would fill an entire book? Maybe this is just sour grapes as I’ve been writing all my life and my work has been published all over the place over the past eight years and no book deal has come my way, not even a regular one, yet Miley Cyrus gets seven figures. Unless those are action figures (ya know, cuz she’s 15) I just don’t get it.

The Passing of Bob Greene - Bob Greene was my professor at Hofstra for advanced newswriting and reporting, AKA Journalism 13. He had a reputation as the toughest professor in the department, possibly the entire school, and he openly told the class at the start of the semester that if you pass his class you are a journalist. Of the 30+ students that would start the semester on average less than half stuck around and for my particular class only a baker’s dozen (obviously myself included) passed. He printed up t-shirts for those that made it through that said “I Survived JRNL 13.” We found out we had passed when he handed them to us. I still have my shirt and I can still hear his gravelly voice whenever I’m writing an article or I’m in a situation where I’m unsure of what to do. I’m thrilled that I was able to tell him how much his class meant to me and what I’m doing now the last time I saw him. His two Pulitzer’s were nice, but I know he was most proud of the work he did with students. He will be missed.

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