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The Vibe Report – March ‘08
Friday, March 28, 2008

After months of pondering what to rename my cheers and jeers column I think I have finally come up with a winner as I welcome you to The Vibe Report, my monthly look at what’s giving me good vibes and what’s giving me bad vibes in the world of entertainment (and occasionally life in general). This month I’m lacing up some kicks with Stacy Keibler and enjoying some props from the Gray Lady while laying the smackdown on television guest stars, so-called NCAA “experts,” and the MTA. Enjoy!

Good Vibes

The New York Times -
No, I haven’t gone mad. As many of you know I’ve never been a strong proponent of The New York Times, but as you also know I’m a fair man and when props are due I give them. First and foremost for the Times, Kelefa Sanneh is GONE! That’s right, my least favorite writer is out, apparently of his own accord, but any way he leaves makes the paper better. No longer will I have to sit through his gush-fests over the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce and Cam’ron (the latter initially had me under the belief that Sanneh was female until I finally saw a picture of him). Now maybe the Times can hire a writer who might know something about Hip-Hop and perhaps be willing to investigate the city’s fantastic scene. A person like, oh, I don’t know, maybe someone they linked to this month… oh yeah, that’s me! Yes a rare double dap for the NYT as they linked to my story on Spitzer’s singing hooker the day it went up on this very site. Whoda thunk the NYT and Adam B could be such a dynamic duo?

Reebok - The good vibes I’m getting from Reebok have nothing to do with footwear and everything to do with advertising as their latest ad campaign features none other than Ms. Hancock herself, Stacy Keibler. Why the WWE hasn't thrown a new contract her way is beyond my comprehension, but the former Dancing star, AKA Miss I Can’t Believe She Was With Test, is a welcome addition to my television screen no matter how short the appearance. I’ll take Stacy Keibler in 30 second increments over no Stacy Keibler at all. Seriously, though, why can’t we find more work for this woman and her splendiferous 42 inch legs?

Bad Vibes

NCAA “Experts” -
We see these know-nothings every year. They tell us who to pick as soon as the brackets are announced and then say nothing about the fact that they’re wrong the majority of the time. If you’re an expert shouldn’t you be getting these things right, or at least admitting when you’re wrong and trying to analyze why you were wrong? Don’t come on television the next day with your fearless picks and analysis for the next round, telling me how great a certain underdog team is when you had them being blown out by some scrub team a week ago. How about this, how about you put a lid on it for a minute and just let me watch the game. Sound good to you?

Gratuitous Guest Stars - I have made it no secret that How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite shows on television, but the never-ending run of guest stars has to stop. Yes, Britney Spears upped the shows ratings for a night, but both Vanessa Minnillo and Sarah Chalke have also been on in the past two weeks and Alicia Silverstone is set to be in an episode, as well. I have nothing against these women; my issue is that we all know none of them are going to be the “mother” Ted ends up marrying. For those of us who have been watching since season one these guest appearances are nothing more than one episode story arcs and an obvious dead end to the greater plotline of the show. Yes, I loved Mandy Moore’s appearance last year, but one guest star a season is enough.

The MTA - During my concert hopping this month I had to refill my MetroCard. Normally I get a ten dollar refill, which gives me an extra two dollars on it so I’ll have six rides instead of five. It came as a shock to me when I bought my latest refill that the rates have changed yet again and now a ten dollar card only gets me a dollar fifty extra. What the heck am I going to do with a dollar fifty on my MetroCard? Quite literally, that and fifty cents will get me a ride on the subway. What makes this even more offensive is that the original rate hike to two bucks a ride back in 2003 was found to be illegal since it was done using two sets of books, but nothing was done to roll it back since it would have, according to the higher ups in government, taken too much time and money to change the machines back to the correct rates. Unfortunately, for many of us there is no choice but to accept all this.

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