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Happy Face / Frowny Face – Feb. ‘08
Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The end of February is here which means it’s time for me to be the judge and jury for the major events, people and happenings of month that was. February was actually pretty fantastic thanks to some celebrity dance related news (what?!?!), some very funny white kids and the unbelievable feeling of winning. In fact, I’m so happy about February I’m throwing in an added bonus this month – serial killer snowman sex! Yes, you read that right. Enjoy!

Happy Face

Dancing’s New Lineup –
Penn from Penn and Teller, Adam Carolla, Jason Taylor, Monica Seles, Kristi Yamaguchi… an incredible list to say the least for this season’s installment of Dancing with the Stars. The biggest name, however, is my girl Shannon Elizabeth. If Shannon dances as well with her partner as she did with serial killer snowman Jack Frost I think she’ll be in for a long run on the show. And yes, I know the fact that I keep bringing up that movie role probably kills my chances of ever getting with Miss Elizabeth (that right there was for you pro wrestling fans), but oh well, I loved Jack Frost! For those who may not know what I’m talking about…

The Whitest Kids U Know - I love good sketch comedy. I can remember watching show like The Kids In The Hall and The State back in the day and loving every minute of them. In only its second season on television The Whitest Kids U Know is fast rising into that elite class. Hilarious and usually totally warped, their unique brand of sketch comedy is must see television (note, not Must See TV, because I don’t want NBC all up on my ass if they read this). What’s even better is that The Whitest Kids are on IFC, which means they’re uncensored, so you can hear Abraham Lincoln shouting “now you fucked up” to John Wilkes Booth and listen to Trevor Moore’s rap about smoking weed with dinosaurs without any bleeps or edits. I had the pleasure of seeing The Whitest Kids live a few weeks ago and even without a lot of props or costumes they have everybody cracking up. These guys are worth setting your chosen recording device for (VCR? DVR? TiVo?). They’ve officially made their way onto the list of shows I watch on a weekly basis. Now, if only we could get Comedy Central to show some Kids In The Hall reruns again instead of the constant airings of the incredibly mediocre Scrubs, then we’d really be in business.

My Sports Teams - In a three day span my Giants won the Super Bowl and my Mets acquired Johan Santana. Do you want to know what cloud nine feels like? Well I can tell ya, it’s pretty darned nice. Add into that the fact that it’s almost time for fantasy baseball and I’m in my own personal sports nirvana. Admittedly, with the fantasy baseball it’s kind of a nerdy sports nirvana, but a nirvana none the less. Damn it feels good to be a champion. Oh yeah, and in addition to my Mets acquiring Santana we’re keeping the apple! YES!

Frowny Face

Short Seasons for TV Faves -
The writer’s strike ends (FINALLY!) and Dirt and The Riches only get seven episode seasons!?! SEVEN EPISODES!?! Their best stories last season took well more than seven episodes to tell, so does this mean we’re now going to get hurried storylines, or just incomplete ones? Is this FX’s way of trying to kill two of the best programs on television? I know TV is a ratings based world, but my feeling is when you’re making great television you need to find a way to let is survive, a la Buffy The Vampire Slayer. These shows have audiences, FX should continue to cultivate them and let Dirt and The Riches develop the followings they deserve.

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