NYC Scene Report – B.Miles, MisterWives, & Silent Mass

This week’s NYC Scene Report features B.Miles looking for an “Emergency Contact,” and two bands dealing with different types of chaos – MisterWives engulfed in “Organized Chaos,” and Silent Mass enjoying “The Great Chaos.” Chaos never sounded so good!

* Will you be B.Miles’ “Emergency Contact”?

This is what she’s searching for in her recently released single that’s a throwback to ‘90s adult-contemporary pop, and a time when our emergency contacts had to be on file, rather than in our phones.

Discussing the song in an Instagram post, B.Miles wrote, “Shoutout to my single girlies who live across the country from their family, and don’t know who to put down for their Emergency Contact,” adding that when it comes to the video, “My good friend Stephen Michael Simon heard a demo of the song, and instantly knew how to direct this music video to visually manifest my experiences. I couldn’t be more grateful for him, and his vision.”

Whether you’re phoning home, or looking to phone a friend, keep “Emergency Contact” on speed dial. It’s another winner from B.Miles.

* How does one follow up an album that was listed on this very site as one of the must-hear albums of 2023? If you’re MisterWives, the answer is – with a deluxe version that includes new material, and reworked versions of the original songs!

Nosebleeds: Deluxe is the name of the project, and it’s due out this summer via Photo Finish Records. The first new song released from it is “Organized Chaos.”

Opening with the lyric, “Do you think you’re the second coming of Jesus Christ?,” the song starts on a wonderfully confrontational note, and then dives into what seems to be the finale of a relationship.

A thumping pop track that deserves to be played loudly, and sung along to enthusiastically, “Organized Chaos” is a perfect a summer jam for the newly single.

Click play, and crank this one up.

Oh, and if you want to go back to last summer, you can check out my Stacking The Deck interview with MisterWives!

* Moving to another type of chaos, closing things out this week are Brooklyn-based shoegaze goths Silent Mass with The Great Chaos.

The band’s debut album, The Great Chaos is due out June 20th in honor of the Summer Solstice, and the title track is a dark, brooding, ethereal gem.

Discussing the song in a statement, Silent Mass frontwoman Ammo said, “‘The Great Chaos’ finds beauty in the spiral of self-discovery. It’s a love song about mourning a version of your past self.”

Perhaps poetically for a band with Mass in their name, musically, “The Great Chaos” sounds like a religion of its own, and it’s a religion you’ll definitely want to be part of.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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