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NYC Scene Report – Lisa Remar, Richie Quake, & MeMo
Wednesday, May 11, 2022

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Lisa Remar saying hi…, Richie Quake teaming up with Anna Shoemaker to ponder love and life, and MeMo with an empowering anthem about knowing your worth.

* NYC-based Japanese American singer-songwriter Lisa Remar would like to say hi – hi… being the name of her recently released four track EP – and believe me when I say you’ll be happy to have made her acquaintance.

The latest single off hi… is the stunningly gorgeous “lankersham,” and on the song Remar’s vocals are beautiful, emotive, and captivating, to the point where you’ll be hitting the replay button again and again. I know I have!

So say hi to Lisa Remar, and check out “lankersham.” Personally, I can’t wait to continue to get to know her music.

* Brooklyn-based soul influenced artist Richie Quake has teamed up with fellow Brooklynite Anna Shoemaker for a fantastic single titled “Crawl.”

Discussing the inspiration for song in a statement, Quake said, “People just want to be happy, to feel love, and to be at peace, but everyone goes about that journey in a different way. No matter which path you decide, there are pros and cons that you have to live with. When you look at life, it can become distorted, and the structures that the mind clings to start to lose their shape, like when you say a word over and over again until it becomes meaningless. But you stay on the ride and hope for the best. Chasing highs, riding lows.”

Shoemaker adds, “Richie and I just want to be artists, and make music, and I think this song is about how that can be really fucking hard when your worth is based on whether your music goes viral or not.”

Regardless of whether it goes viral, “Crawl” is an absolute gem. Who needs metrics when the music is this good?

* MeMo – who I recently sat down with for a fantastic interview – released her new album, Business of Healing, at the end of April, and with the latest single she’s ready to remind everyone of their “Worth.”

Explaining the song in a statement, MeMo said, “From feeling ‘Untouchable’ to now knowing one’s value, ‘Worth’ exemplifies perhaps the entire journey of the album Business of Healing, and the 15 years of growth it represents. No longer willing to stay small, ‘Worth’ shouts, ‘Claim who you are and accept nothing less than your full worth from everyone – especially the romantic prospects – in your life!’”

A big indie pop-rock tune, “Worth” will have you out of your seat, and feeling great about yourself. What more could you want from a song?

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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