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NYC Scene Report – pecas, Missyou, & more
Wednesday, March 20, 2019

This week’s NYC Scene Report features a sultry single from R&B artist pecas, alt-pop-rockers Missyou having a dream for a better world, The Rad Trads pedaling through exotic locations, and Lost Leaders figuring out “Probably Why We’re Here.”

* Brooklyn, by way of Madrid, R&B artist pecas has released a video for her latest sultry jam, “T-Shirt.”

In a statement, she spoke about both the song, and video, saying, “I stole my ex’s t-shirt after we broke up, and slept in it for really long time. At a certain point I realized that it was slightly creepy, and also comical. The song was an admission to myself of just that. The video didn’t come to fruition until a year or so after I had written the song, at that point I was far enough removed from any sentimental attachments to it, and was able to explore more of the comedic aspects.”

Pecas continued, adding, “I drew a lot of inspiration from Connan Mockasin’s (video for) ‘I’m the Man That Will Find You,’ and started to play around with the idea of being the female counterpart to that. I wanted to own being a creepy/sensual R&B crooner, and hoped with the video to blur the lines of gender, identity, and sensuality. The song was later revised to include low pitch-shifted vocals to reinforce this idea in the video, and in the very end of the editing process we added a warp on my face for a few shots, primarily because I really got a kick out of it – the idea of breaking and recreating my perception of myself and how others perceive me.”

With pecas being on tour through March 26th, it isn’t hard to imagine audience members throwing their t-shirts to her while she’s performing.

* NYC-based alt-pop-rock band Missyou will be releasing their debut EP, Yourbody, this Friday, and while the EP is their opening salvo, their polished sound could easily lead you to believe they’re a veteran band that’s been around for ages. A perfect example of this is their latest single, the immediately memorable “Anything.”

Missyou frontman Blaise Beyhan discussed the song in a statement, saying, “This song is about the longing for a time and place when we all had more empathy, and wishing that everyone cared more for one another, and how understanding and love can truly change everything. I wish for a world where willing to die for another is valued above being ‘cool,’ where passion is rewarded, and not something to be ashamed of. I hope for a time where we don't have to hide who and what we love, and I hope for a culture where we celebrate differences amongst us all.”

Check out the video for “Anything” and don’t miss out on Missyou.

* Brooklyn-based five-piece The Rad Trads, whose sound is filled with infectious good vibes, have released an incredibly fun, and creative, video for their latest single, “Thumbtack.”

Something that makes The Rad Trads unique is that each member of the band is featured as the lead vocalist on different songs. On “Thumbtack” Mike Harlen takes the lead, and he explained the song in a statement, saying, “‘Thumbtack’ is a song about love lost, in which the character is offering up various forms of self-flagellation or humiliation to win his lover back.”

Harlen added that when it comes to the video for “Thumbtack,” “The video was directed by our good friend Taylor Ashton, and shot by him and Sam Graff. He set up a giant green screen behind a Citi Bike docking station in Red Hook and had us pedal the bikes in place while he superimposed various exotic locales behind us. It’s a playful, quirky video that reflects the tone of the song, as well as the goofy good-natured-ness of the band.”

The wheels are in motion more often than not for The Rad Trads, who will be touring throughout 2019. Of course, you can also check them out on their stationary Citi Bikes right here.

* The Lost Leaders duo of guitarist/vocalist Peter Cole and bassist/vocalist Byron Isaacs released their third album, Promises Promises, earlier this month, the latest single off of which is the catchy indie pop-rock gem “Probably Why We’re Here.”

While their Facebook page makes the claim that the band’s interests include, “Yelling loudly for no reason & anything made from tin foil,” after one listen to “Probably Why We’re Here” you’ll find in actuality they’re more into great songwriting, and earworm hooks that rent space in your head.

Check out the lyric video, and make Lost Leaders your next great find.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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