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NYC Scene Report – Sid Simons, Strawberry Runners, & Kay Day

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Sid Simons musing on relationships with “Three Days,” Strawberry Runners looking to reconnect with “Alison,” and Kay Day showing “Barbie” a thing or two. * Sid Simons – who many of you may remember from the band GIRL SKIN – will be releasing his first album under his own name in early 2024. Titled Beneath the Brightest Smiles , the latest single off the album is the relationship themed “Three Days.” Simons discussed the inspiration for the song in a statement, saying, “It’s an observation about the current complexities of modern relationships. Some of it is based on personal experience, some based on the experiences of friends. It’s about a couple who get together and aren’t on the same page regarding the significance of the relationship.” Simons manages to turn that heavy subject matter into a song that’s a damned good time thanks to a mixture of ‘60s rock, and modern indie rock influences. Click play, and I think you’ll find “Three Days” is an ir

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