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Sammy Rae & The Friends Are Bringing Fun To The Forefront

“When’s the last time that you had 4,000 adults in the room, and somebody whipped out a bubble gun?” Sammy Rae, frontwoman of the seven-person NYC-based musical ensemble Sammy Rae & The Friends, asks this with glee. “Everybody loves bubbles, but unless you work with kids you don’t see bubbles very often, so suddenly when the entire space you’re in is full of bubbles, or when somebody is hula hooping on stage in front of you, it’s fun.” This is Sammy Rae’s ideology for every Sammy Rae & The Friends show, and with the band about to head out on a 30 date tour that runs from October 1st through November 17th, the entire country should be prepared for healthy dose of good times. “It all comes down to just embracing the child mind, and seeing how that informs your creativity.” I caught up with Sammy Rae to find out more about her inner child that inspires her fun, as well as her old soul that influences her music, and what she loves to see when she looks out into the crowd. Kick th

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