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NYC Scene Report – Anna Rose, KALEN, & Rebel Kicks

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Anna Rose getting us through the night, KALEN rising like a “Phoenix,” and Rebel Kicks finding they might prefer a “Silhouette” over reality. * I’ve been featuring Anna Rose on this site for over a decade, and in that time I’ve heard her perform everything from blues, to rock n roll, to singer-songwriter fare that can tug at your heartstrings. Based on the first few releases from her latest project, Last Girl of the Rodeo , she’s continuing to be inspired by taking her music in new directions. With more electronic production than her previous work, Rose is describing Last Girl of the Rodeo as an autobiographical concept album, and she’s releasing it one song per month for the entire year. In February she gave listeners “Whatever Gets You Through The Night.” “This song is about falling in love at first sight with someone you know you can never end up with,” she said in a statement, “It’s Romeo and Juliet. It’s exquisite torture. It’s knowing that y

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