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3 Reasons You Should See Red Matter Live

When is a jam band more than a jam band? When they’re Connecticut-based outfit Red Matter, and they can literally do it all. Recording as a seven-piece, but often filling the stage with a plethora of talented special guests, Red Matter just had the album release show for their debut LP, Northbound Train at Park City Music Hall in Bridgeport, CT, and they legitimately had something for everyone. It was a good thing, too, because the crowd was filled with just about everyone. With a diverse audience ranging from young concert goers just barely old enough to get into the venue, to music lovers old enough to be those concert goers’ grandparents, the crowd was a great visual example of how Red Matter’s music crosses generations. Once the band hit the stage, those generations had a blast together, enjoying a high energy set that lasted well past midnight. Northbound Train by Red Matter Whichever way you choose to travel – whether you walk, drive, or take the Northbound Train – here are thr

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