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One Hit Wondering – Chumbawamba

One Hit Wondering is a series of columns where I listen to the album of a one hit wonder, and find three songs, other than the hit, that people should hear.   “I get knocked down, but I get up again / you’re never gonna keep me down.” The oft-repeated refrain of Chumbawamba’s mega hit “Tubthumping” remains one of the most inspiring earworms of all-time, and in 1997 it made the British rockers with the funny name a household name a whopping 15 years after they first formed as a band. Yes, that’s right, by the time “Tubthumping” came out Chumbawamba were a veteran band, and while their hit didn’t show it, they had a long established reputation of being extremely anti-establishment. Chumbawamba formed in 1982 as an anarchist punk band with anarcho-communist political leanings. They had no use for authority figures, and were big on social causes. In fact, when the band signed with EMI, their original fan base labeled the group sell outs. The band, however, would prove their views were jus

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