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Don’t Believe In Ghosts – It Started With A KISS

When Don’t Believe In Ghosts frontman Steven Nathan was nine years old he put on a KISS concert in his backyard that would’ve made Gene Simmons proud. Joined by his brother, and two neighborhood kids, they painted their faces, and were ready to “Rock and Roll All Nite,” or at least until bedtime, for their small audience. “We were little kids,” he says, “so the only people that would come were the parents.” Nathan, however, still wanted to find a way to make the show grandiose. “I’m thinking I want a big KISS concert with explosions, right? So everybody’s sitting there, and we have the music playing, and we’re doing the songs, and then I’m like we need the fireworks, so I grabbed the water hose and hosed down the entire audience. You’ve never seen adults scramble so fast in your life. They were flyin’.” While family members fled, Nathan remembers the underlying thought behind it all, and how it’s still relevant to his performances today. “For me it was about the show. We needed somethi

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