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Tales From The Crates – The Story Behind The Wildest Inscriptions on an Album I’ve Ever Seen

Every once in a while when I’m going through used vinyl, CDs, or books I’ll come across something that’s been autographed. This was the case the other week when I was at The Archive in Bridgeport, CT, and as I flipped through the used vinyl I saw an album by a band named The Shananagans titled Surf and Turf that featured the signatures of all four members. In addition to the signatures, the band also wrote some of the wildest inscriptions I’ve ever seen. For those who may not be able to read the above image, it says To Carol, We’ll always remember the night at the Ramada (especially the spurs + trapeze!). Say hi to the snake for us!   Followed by And don’t forget the pool, what WAVES!   I had so many questions! Who is Carol, and what kind of wild woman was she? Speaking of wild, how wild is this band that they decided to write down a memory of such a crazy night? And was the Ramada in question the Ramada in Stratford, CT, where I attended baseball card shows as a kid with my dad??? I

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