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NYC Scene Report – Attia Taylor, Nicky Egan, & Wet

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Attia Taylor connecting with a “Space Ghost,” Nicky Egan ruminating on “This Life,” and Wet letting someone know “I’m Not Her.” * If you're anything like me, when you see the words Space Ghost your first thought is Space Ghost Coast to Coast , the incredibly strange animated talk show that was a fan favorite in the Adult Swim lineup. With this in mind, when I saw Brooklyn-based indie pop artist Attia Taylor’s upcoming album is titled Space Ghost (due out July 8th) I secretly hoped it was a reference to the show. It turns out it is. Discussing the title track in a statement, Taylor said, “As a kid, I watched cartoons, and ate sweets to no end. I had very few rules and limitations being raised primarily by my elderly grandparents, and used these distractions to deal with a lot of pain and distress I was feeling as a child. Late nights watching cartoons turned into Adult Swim. I remember loving shows like Ren and Stimpy , and Space Ghost , conten

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