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NYC Scene Report – Calliope Wren, Strawberry Launch, & Pom Pom Squad

This week’s NYC Scene Report features the column debut of Calliope Wren, Strawberry Launch teaching us how to handle “Bad Luck,” and the triumphant return of Pom Pom Squad. * A name you’re going to be hearing a lot in the near future is that of Long Island-based singer, songwriter, and rocker Calliope Wren. In addition to fronting the Paramore tribute band DECODED, she has her own career as an artist that’s primed for takeoff. Wren recently released a single titled “Fading,” which, at its core, is about growing up, and finding oneself. On the song, she takes her personal journey, and connects it to the universal journey of growing up that we all go through, making it relatable to pretty much everyone. Musically, “Fading” is a dose of Warped Tour summer vibes that’s absolutely perfect for cranking up on your stereo, in your headphones, or in your car. So click play, rock out, and remember the name Calliope Wren. * NYC-based indie rockers Strawberry Launch just released their sophomore

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