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Adam’s World Top 25 of 2007 Part V of V
Wednesday, December 26, 2007
We have finally arrived at the top five albums of 2007. Making up the year’s top offerings are a breakthrough artist who works with The Neptunes, a creative British singer with a strange sense of humor, two multi-faceted Hip-Hop artists and a tri-lingual beauty who puts it all together.

5) Kenna – Make Sure They See My Face

Interesting pop music. It’s a concept not a lot of people can conceive of, but Kenna and The Neptunes did a fantastic job of creating some of it this year with Make Sure They See My Face. It was almost as if by teaming with Kenna The Neptunes were finally able to see where else their ideas for NERD could take them musically. The result is an album filled with fantastic pop songs that are just as enjoyable dancing along to in your car as they are at your favorite club, or even in your underwear in front of your bedroom mirror (c’mon, admit it, you do it).

Song you need to hear: Sun Red Sky Blue

Website: kennakenna.com

4) Lily Allen – Alright, Still…

Her vocals are sweet, almost like a child telling you a story, but when you take a listen to her lyrics you realize the things Lily Allen is saying are on the complete opposite side of the spectrum from the voice she’s using to say them. That beautiful dichotomy, along with Allen’s musical ambitiousness when it comes to her production, on Alright, Still… make it a must listen to album. Who would have thought sing-songy vocals for a song about an old woman getting mugged could work so well? Thankfully Allen did, because she pulled it off perfectly.

Song you need to hear: Take What You Take

Website: lilyallenmusic.com

3) Vinnie Scullo – How I Met Your Mother

Vinnie Scullo is a sampling king and he proves his mettle once again with How I Met Your Mother, an album that started off as a tribute to Tori Amos and morphed into a collection of songs using a host of classic pop and soul samples, most of which had never been attempted to be used in Hip-Hop before. From Tori Amos to Jim Croce to Shakira, Vinnie covers as many bases as possible this time around and as an added bonus the album is a clean one. Did I mention he still spits fire and is one of the best MCs still relegated to the underground? Google Vinnie Scullo.

Song you need to hear: Audrey Hepburn Was Mad Nice

Website: vinniescullo.net

2) k-os – Atlantis: Hymns For Disco

Many people will debate what kind of music k-os is doing on Atlantis: Hymns For Disco, and I have the answer for them; good music. Whether he’s rocking out, slowing it down, doing a little gospel, or embracing his Hip-Hop roots, everything k-os attempts on this album works. k-os also keeps his lyrics clean as well as positive and thought provoking, carefully toeing the line in such a way as to sound observant rather than preachy. You can listen to this album anywhere and with anyone and they are sure to like something from it, probably most of it.

Song you need to hear: Fly Paper

Website: k-os-music.com

1) Rue Melo – Rue Melo

There’s something about Melo. On her self titled debut album the half French and Half Uruguayan singer manages to seamlessly combine both of her familial influences with her own home grown loves of Hip-Hop and reggae, creating a sound all her own and one that’s extremely pleasing on the ears. This is that rare album where absolutely nothing is wrong with it. From the music, to the songwriting, to Rue’s vocals, Rue Melo hits on all cylinders and does so with a style that’s unique and refreshing. Backed by a fantastic band, Rue Melo has created an album that will be staying in my CD player for years to come.

Song you need to hear: Good Luck Daddy

Website: ruemusic.com

Adam’s World Top 25 of 2007

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posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:58 AM  
  • At 2:43 PM, Blogger Homeboy Sandman said…

    adam b brings truth to the light. lily allen's "alright, still" is the most slept on album of all time besides tracy lee's first album. gotta check that rue melo. on the strenght of it being adam b's top album i'm about to proclaim that rue melo is the most underrated album of the year just like melo anthony is the most underrated player in the league.

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