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Adam’s World Top 25 of 2007 Part I of V
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
2008 is almost here, so it’s time to run down the best 2007 had to offer. To handle this task I’ve created a five part series that will cover my Top 25 Albums of 2007. Today I bring you part one, albums 25-21, which includes a band that uses toy instruments, a funky dance duo, a fresh face on the R&B scene and two MCs who want to make you move to socially relevant lyrics.

25) The Bastard Fairies – Memento Mori

Completely unique in new an unusual ways, The Bastard Fairies made Memento Mori with the intent of putting ridiculous lyrics on top of dirt cheap instrumentation, including using children’s instruments found at pawn shops. Put together for next to nothing and released as a free download on their site, Memento Mori gained steam as people actually started to dig what the BF’s were doing, yours truly included. Their song topics range from infidelity to prostitution to complete nonsense and it’s all beautiful in its minimalism.

Song you need to hear: Whatever

Website: thebastardfairies.com

24) Chromeo – Fancy Footwork

Electro-funk with a heaping dash of humor thrown in was the recipe for Chromeo’s Fancy Footwork and the dish it created is a fun, danceable album that is sure to please any party crowd. Geared towards to the generations of folks who grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s, Fancy Footwork is pure fun. There’s nothing in the lyrics that requires any sort of heavy thought, but sometimes that’s OK. Chromeo isn’t looking to make you think, they’re only seeking to create an enjoyable atmosphere and with the 80’s style funkiness of Fancy Footwork they have succeeded in this task.

Song you need to hear: My Girl Is Calling Me (A Liar)

Website: chromeo.net

23) Che’Nelle – Things Happen for a Reason

Everyone heard her fall in love with the DJ all over pop radio this year, but what a lot of folks may not realize about Che’Nelle is that her debut LP, Things Happen for a Reason, is a hidden gem of an R&B album that’s a throwback to the 90’s when powerful voiced solo females had a huge standing in the genre. From well done party tracks like “Club Jumpin” to the incredible ballad “When Will We Meet Again” Che’Nelle covers all her bases on her freshman effort and covers them well. Overall it’s a fantastic launching pad for the young Malaysian / Australian.

Song you need to hear: When Will We Meet Again

Website: chenelle-world.com

22) Spear of the Nation – Spearitalk

One of the longer named solo artists around, Spear of the Nation is an educator who has taken to the mic to spread some of the messages he sees the youth, and the world in general, as needing. Wait, hold up, he’s not one of those “so conscious it hurts to listen to it artists,” on the contrary, his funky production makes him one of the more head nod-able intellectual artists around. Songs such as “Black Love?” “Brutha From Anutha Planet” and “Clap” position him as an important voice in Hip-Hop, and one that’s very easy to listen to.

Song you need to hear: Brutha From Anutha Planet

Website: myspace.com/sizweabakah

21) Sketch Tha Cataclysm – Party Music 4 Pissed Off People

If you’ve ever shaken your ass to the idea of a revolution then you were probably listening to Sketch Tha Cataclysm. Sketch is one of the only artists around who can make you party while spitting intense lyrics about American history, where the country is going and why the radio only plays certain artists. Heck, his album even has a suggested reading section! Production on PM4POP ranges from reggae inspired to mid-90’s Hip-Hop. The only negative about the album is its length, it’s only an EP and the world could use a lot more of Sketch Tha Cataclysm.

Song you need to hear: Betsy Ross and the Miseducation of America

Website: myspace.com/sketchthacataclysm

Adam’s World Top 25 of 2007

Part I: Albums 25-21
Part II: Albums 20-16
Part III: Albums 15-11
Part IV: Albums 10-6
Part V: Albums 5-1
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