NYC Scene Report – Zoë Fromer, Bad Mary, & Missyou

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Zoë Fromer with something as smooth as “Velvet,” Bad Mary bouncing around a board game, and Missyou making everyone think twice about little wooden friends.

* One thing I’ve been loving of late is indie artists embracing some super old school influences. Zoë Fromer is the latest to do this with the title track of her sophomore EP, Velvet.

A mixture of ‘60s pop, mid-90s Cardigans, and a little bit of blues, the best way to describe the vibe of “Velvet” is – ridiculously cool.

The three other songs on the EP are radically different from “Velvet,” and from each other, as well, as Fromer dives into a litany of genres on the project. She sounds fantastic on all of them, which makes her quite the special artist. It also means she could show up on just about any playlist.

While Velvet is Fromer’s sophomore EP, with the breadth of styles she presents it qualifies as a perfect introduction to her. Check out “Velvet,” and start off with her smooth side.

* Who among us hasn’t wanted to jump into a board game?

I know I certainly have, and so have playful punk rockers Bad Mary, as the recently released video for their song “Better Days” features frontwoman Amanda Mac being her own game piece in an indie band-themed game of Life.

“Better Days” is off the Long Island-based band’s upcoming album, Better(er) Days, which will feature re-recorded, and remixed versions of the songs from their first LP, Better Days, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of its release.

Bad Mary also has a show scheduled for July 5th at Arlene’s Grocery. If you attend, I guarantee it will qualify as one of the “Better Days,” and nights, of your summer.

* If you’ve been missing Missyou – I know I’d been waiting for new music from them for quite some time – the wait is officially over, as the NYC-based indie rock band recently released a new single titled “Keep Each Other Company.”

I have no idea if this is a one-off, or if an EP, or LP is in the works, but it’s another fantastic song from a band that’s been part of the scene – and this column – for well over half a decade.

The video is wild, as a down on his luck man befriends a doll that alternates between being wooden, and being Missyou frontman Blaise Beyhan. Is the doll actually Blaise? Is the entire thing in the man’s imagination? What’s really happening at the end? These are all questions you’ll consider after you watch “Keep Each Other Company,” but personally I’ll think twice before befriending any wooden dolls.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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