One Hit Wondering – Somethin’ for the People

One Hit Wondering is a series of columns where I listen to the album of a one hit wonder, and find three songs, other than the hit, that people should hear. 

The first time most people heard R&B trio Somethin’ for the People was in August of 1997, when “My Love Is the Shhh!” hit the airwaves, and quickly became a lightning in a bottle moment for the group.

A collaboration with sister duo Trina & Tamara, the memorable back and forth chorus, and classic ‘90s R&B production, made “My Love Is the Shhh!” a gigantic hit, with the song peaking at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Pretty solid debut, right?

The only thing was, it wasn’t their debut. The trio of Curtis “Sauce” Wilson, Jeff “Fuzzy” Young, and Rochad “Cat Daddy” Holiday were actually veterans of the music world by the time we were all singing along to “My Love Is the Shhh!”

Somethin’ for the People was founded in 1990, and “My Love Is the Shhh!” is off their second album, This Time It’s Personal, which was released in September of 1997.

Even before they were releasing their own music, however, they’d developed a heck of a reputation as songwriters, and producers, with credits on Brandy’s eponymous debut album, Adina Howard’s Do You Wanna Ride?, and Terry Ellis’ Southern Gal.

As a trio they’d also later work with Eric Benét, who’s featured on This Time It’s Personal, and their legacy has continued through the work of the group’s Curtis “Sauce” Wilson, who’s written, and produced for the likes of Celine Dion, Ariana Grande, Will Smith, Ne-Yo, and Musiq Soulchild.

Sadly, Somethin’ for the People can never be whole again, as Jeff “Fuzzy” Young passed away in 2011 from an apparent heart attack.

While the surviving members remain behind the scenes, “My Love Is the Shhh!” will always hold a special place in the hearts, and playlists of ‘90s R&B fans. With that in mind, one has to be at least a little curious as to how the rest of This Time It’s Personal sounds.

This, of course, is where I come in.

I gave This Time It’s Personal a spin, and found three songs, other than “My Love Is the Shh!,” that you should hear.

“All I Do”


Listening to “All I Do” for the first time in many years, when the song reached the chorus everything came rushing back to me. I said, “I remember this song! This was a jam!”

The third single from This Time It’s Personal – following “My Love Is the Shhh!” and “Think of You” – “All I Do” hit radio, and MTV / BET in February of 1998, and I’m honestly surprised that with such a catchy chorus, and bouncy beat it didn’t blow up.

I have to assume something was going on with the label they were on – the promotional budget could’ve been cut. Someone higher up might have lost faith in the album. Perhaps another artist/group moved to the forefront of the label’s priorities.

Whatever the reason, “All I Do” didn’t get the push it deserved, but it definitely deserves to be heard.

“Somebody’s Always Talkin’” feat. Trina & Tamara


Just like “My Love Is the Shhh!,” “Somebody’s Always Talkin’” features Trina & Tamara, and when you listen to it you may wonder the same thing I did – was this song originally meant for Brandy?

As noted earlier, the group worked with Brandy at the beginning of her career, and “Somebody’s Always Talkin’” definitely feels like it would’ve fit in perfectly on her debut album. Well, the initial verse of the song, and the production, would’ve fit in perfectly. The second verse would’ve needed to be toned down a bit. Maybe that’s why it’s on this album instead. Hey, all the better for This Time It’s Personal!

“I Don’t Get Down Like That”


A dope R&B jam about fidelity?

Yes, Somethin’ for the People absolutely did get down like that with the album cut “I Don’t Get Down Like That,” a song dedicated to telling a woman that no matter how fine she may be, cheating with her is of no interest.

It may be hard to imagine, but back before R&B took a turn to the clubs, and decided to choose lust over love, these kinds of songs about staying true had a real place in the genre. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back to that at some point, but for now, songs like “I Don’t Get Down Like That” are a great reminder of a time when being committed to your lady was something that was celebrated.

Until next time, here’s to discovering more great music from one hit wonders!


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