NYC Scene Report – Psymon Spine, MICHELLE, & The Thing

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Psymon Spine dropping some “Wizard Acid,” MICHELLE saying “Never Again,” and The Thing hoping the doomsday clock doesn’t strike “Midnight.”

* I’m beginning to think there isn’t anything Psymon Spine can’t do.

Every time the Brooklyn-based experimental pop band releases something new they dive into another aspect of music, and create something that’s both mind-blowingly great, and totally unique.

Their next project, the full-length album Head Body Connector, is due out February 23rd via Northern Spy, and the second single off the album is “Wizard Acid.”

A nu-disco meets yacht rock jam with a wild animated video that was created by Dana Roth, “Wizard Acid” is the kind of trip everyone can enjoy. The only side effects are getting lost in the vibe, and feeling damned good afterward.

So click play on “Wizard Acid,” and take a four minute microdose of Psymon Spine.

* It seems like NYC-based septet MICHELLE have a little bit of Bruce Leroy in them, as their upcoming EP is titled GLOW.

Due out this Friday, GLOW does not feature MICHELLE in a battle with Sho’nuff, but it does feature the gorgeous single “Never Again.”

With a vibe warm enough to melt the winter ice, “Never Again” showcases the seven person outfit’s phenomenal vocal harmonies, and is yet another gem from this rising group.

When it comes to the video, which was filmed in various locations around the city, I’d just like to say I never have the pleasure of hearing something this wonderful while I’m on the 6.

Come to think of it … does MICHELLE take train line requests?

* Psych-garage rock foursome The Thing released their sophomore album, The Thing Is, last week, and it includes the fantastic single “Midnight.”

Born from the band going on a bender, and conversations about the end of the world, the group says, “We spent close to an hour just on the one riff. We’ve been enjoying writing this way, entering a trance, and trying to find a song amidst a cacophony.”

They continued, adding, “The lyrics were inspired from conversions about nuclear weapons, and how our time on earth is measured by a doomsday clock countdown. We were asking existential questions, and affirming our belief in a creative life.”

The Thing are on tour through April 13th in support of The Thing Is, and you can check out the video for “Midnight,” which was filmed at Horseman Antiques in Brooklyn, right here.

Oh yeah, and that one hour spent on the riff? It was time well spent, because it’s a killer riff!

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.