3 Reasons You Should See Julia Othmer Live

When I walked into Rockwood Music Hall to see a friend’s band on a cool January evening I was there a solid three hours before their set. Not just a result of being habitually early, I wanted to check out some of the other artists who were performing that night. Why see just one band when you can see four, right?

Julia Othmer turned out to be the ultimate reward for my early arrival.

Positioned behind the piano, the singer-songwriter gave a performance that was so incredible it left the entire place buzzing with excitement.

Whether it was her original work, or one of the covers she performed, everyone was completely blown away by the amazing vocals, and charming charisma of Othmer.

Obviously I will be seeing her again the next time she’s in the city.

Here are three reasons you should see Julia Othmer when she comes to your town.

Her voice is nothing short of spectacular 

Imagine the emotional depth of Tori Amos, and A Fine Frenzy, but with bigger, and more soulful vocals, and you’ll have a solid idea of what you’re going to hear when Julia Othmer hits the stage.

The second she began to sing it was a take notice moment, as the entire crowd put their full attention on her.

During her set she had three covers – “Jolene,” “White Rabbit,” and “Purple Rain.” The first two are so challenging that I normally wince when someone decides to cover them, but the broken heartedness she put into “Jolene” was so real that an old time musician who was at the show turned around, and mimed a tear going down his eye while nodding his head, as if to let all of us know the performance was hitting him hard.

For “White Rabbit” Othmer hit all the Grace Slick notes, including belting out “feed your head” so perfectly that if Slick had been there she might’ve wondered if she was on stage herself!

Point blank – Julia Othmer has one of the most impressive voices your going to hear, and she knows exactly how to use it.

There’s a captivating presence about her 

It’s always nice when an artist is personable, and Othmer is a very fun storyteller behind the piano. She’s more than just charismatic, however.

Othmer has a special quality where as soon as she walks into a room you feel an immediate hunch that she’s interesting, and you should find out about her.

Maybe it’s an innate worldliness, or the way she carries herself. Maybe it’s a combination of those things, and more, but it’s a vibe very few have, and it’s well represented in her music, and her live performances.

You want to hear her lyrics, and you want to hear her stories, and that’s due, in part, to her captivating presence.

You WILL be talking about her 

During Othmer’s set I was frantically texting a friend about her, raving that she’s a must-hear artist.

After her set was over I turned to the person next to me, and simply said, “Wow!” There was a similar sentiment as reply, and an enthusiastic discussion ensued.

Then I noticed something – this was happening all over the bar.

Nearly everyone had turned to someone to talk about Othmer’s performance.

I can’t remember the last time I saw something like that happen, and I see over 100 artists/bands per year!

For more Julia Othmer, and to see when she’ll be coming to your area, check out juliaothmer.com.


Caroline said…
Everything that you say is so true about Julia, who is very loved in her hometown of Kansas City. We are lucky to have her local. I remember the first time I saw her perform in a nightclub around 2007 and had a similar experience that you did. Julia is “frickin awesome”, as she would sing!

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