NYC Scene Report - Rubblebucket, Young Culture, & Cassandra Kubinski

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Rubblebucket engaging in some “Earth Worship,” Young Culture chasing “Good Karma,” and Cassandra Kubinski with a fiery song that’s ready to “Burn It Down.”

* Earth Day may be in April, but for indie music fans we’re getting a second helping next month, as Rubblebucket will be releasing their new album, Earth Worship, on October 21st via Grand Jury.

The Rubblebucket duo of Kalmia Traver and Alex Toth have a wild video for the album’s title track, and Toth explained both the song, and album, in a statement, saying, “‘Earth Worship’ the song, encapsulates the messages of the album as a whole. As a human being, being in pain is a given. Can we find ‘clean’ ways through the pain in order to break harmful patterns on individual, community, and global ecosystem levels?”

Traver adds, “Healing on a big scale is tied to healing on a mini scale, and that’s what this album and song are working on, hoping to dance with, hoping to dream about.”

Click play, and feel the healing while taking part in a little “Earth Worship.”

* Indie pop-punk trio Young Culture will have listeners chasing “Good Karma” with their new single that was co-written by Paul Marc Rousseau of Silverstein.

Young Culture’s Alex Magnan explained the inspiration for “Good Karma” saying, “This song is a love letter to New York City – a place where everyone can go to be someone, and no one; about investing who you are in a place, and sometimes getting nothing in return.”

If this boisterous song is any indicator, Young Culture’s upcoming North American tour is going to be a heck of a good time. The band will be co-headlining with Super American from October 22nd through November 10th, and supporting State Champs from November 11th through the 20th.

A full-length album that will be released on Equal Vision Records is also in the works, but for now let’s all chase some “Good Karma.”

* Longtime column favorite Cassandra Kubinski is back with a big, soaring ballad titled “Burn It Down.”

For the video, Kubinski enlisted dancer Hannah Grace Colin, whom she met online during the pandemic. Their connection also stems from Kubinski’s songs having been featured on the TV show Dance Moms more than a dozen times, and Colin having starred on season 8 of the show (there’ve been 8 seasons of Dance Moms?!?!).

Both the song, and the video, have the ability to spark a fire inside you, so click play, and get ready to “Burn It Down.”

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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