NYC Scene Report – Momma, Aubrey Haddard, & Sav Killz w/ Fro Magnum Man

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Momma riding their “Motorbike” on their way to a huge tour, Aubrey Haddard not being boxed in with “Future Boxes,” and Sav Killz and Fro Magnum Man teaming up for something “Monstrous.”

* Brooklyn-based indie rock band Momma are absolutely crushing it this year. Led by singers/guitarists Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten, they've released a string of fantastic singles, recently capping everything off with their new album, Household Name.

The latest single off Household Name is “Motorbike,” which Weingarten, who sings lead on the song, discussed in a statement, saying, “I wrote this song about a boy I had a crush on who really wanted nothing to do with me. The song is basically just fantasy – even though it’s about a real person, it’s also about how we can make up elaborate ideas of who other people are in our heads, and get so caught up in these fake scenarios that they kind of end up feeling real. I wanted the song to feel like you’re escaping something, because my daydreams about this boy and his motorcycle were definitely an escape from my life at the time.”

Momma will be trading in their “Motorbike” for something a little more substantial in the coming weeks, as they’ll be hitting the road on August 12th for a tour that will last through October 8th, with the final show being a homecoming taking place at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

For now, hop a ride on Momma’s “Motorbike,” and check out their great video for the song.

* Speaking of artists who are having an incredible year, you’ve seen the name Aubrey Haddard here quite a bit over the past handful of months, and on August 19th she’ll be releasing her sophomore album, Awake and Talking.

Based on the songs she’s released from the album so far, Haddard is in no danger of a sophomore slump, and her latest single, “Future Boxes,” is yet another example of why she’s a dynamic artist you don’t want to miss.

Haddard, who recently finished up a summer tour through the Northeast, discussed the song in a statement, saying, “We all have, at some point, an idea of what our lives could look like. We take the steps we can to get there, checking some boxes, with or without that bigger picture in mind. At the end of the day, none of us are uniquely ambitious, but some will find more fulfillment in carving out their own paths.”

With “Future Boxes” it’s easy to love the path Haddard is carving out for herself.

* Halloween is still a few months away, but Sav Killz and Fro Magnum Man are ready to celebrate it right now with the video for their collaborative song “Monstrous.”

The concept for the video, which features odes to TV and movie monsters, came from DJ J-Ronin, who also appears in the clip.

“Monstrous” is off one of Fro Magnum Man’s Rule of Threes EPs, which are a series of three song EPs that pay tribute to the genre of hip-hop in a similar way as to how Creepshow pays homage to the genre of horror. Each EP features a different emcee rhyming over For Magnum Man produced tracks, and all the album artwork is done in the style of a Creepshow comic book.

It’s never too early for spooky season, so check out “Monstrous,” and the killer combo of Sav Killz and Fro Magnum Man.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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