Pop Shots – I’m a Loser, Baby

Welcome to your weekly dose of pop world musings. Covering all things pop culture, this week Pop Shots is hitting you with thoughts on everything from Ed Sheeran’s accusers taking a huge L in court, to SpotemGottem coming out the loser in a high speed jet ski chase, to why some of Mandy Moore’s fans will be losing out on the chance to see her, and since this is Pop Shots you know everything is seasoned with a little bit of attitude.

* Sami Chokri and Ross O’Donoghue, who are the two artists who sued Ed Sheeran for copyright infringement over “Shape of You,” have been ordered to pay him over $1.1 million in legal fees after Sheeran prevailed in court. Chokri and O’Donoghue are now frantically looking for a copyright lawsuit they can win, so they can pay off losing this one.

* Back in March, Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa acquired Dolly Parton’s personal tour bus, and now they’re putting it into action, having created the Dollywood Suite 1986 Tour Bus Experience, where fans will be able to spend at least two nights aboard the bus while visiting Dollywood. Of course, if you really want a full tour bus experience you’re going to need to provide your own drugs, and groupies.

* During a stop at a pub in a small British village, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin ended up playing an impromptu song on the piano, serenading an engaged couple with “A Sky Full of Stars.” There is no word on if the couple remained together after this.

* While performing at a concert in London, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong declared he was renouncing his U.S. citizenship, and moving to the European city in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. Ah yes, the time honored punk rock tradition of {checks notes} running away rather staying to fight the power. Yikes. Well, if he goes through with it at least the accent he sings with will finally make sense.

* Jacksonville rapper SpotemGottem was speeding on a jet ski near Miami Marine Stadium when police attempted to pull him over, but SpotemGottem fled the authorities, leading them on a high speed jet ski chase. He was eventually caught, and arrested on charges that included reckless operation of a boat, fleeing police, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and aggravated assault. I guess he lived up to his name, because the cops spotted him, and got him. Also, I’m gonna need Baywatch to come back just so they can recreate this.

* Shinedown have tied Foo Fighters for the most songs to reach the top 10 of Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart, with 29. This will come as a shock to a significant number of people who can’t name a single Shinedown song.

* Beyoncé’s latest single, “Break My Soul,” became the first song in 26 years to debut in the top 10 of Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart. So if you think you’ve been hearing it all day, every day, since its release, you’re right.

* Mandy Moore announced she’s ending her tour early, as she’s currently expecting her second child with husband Taylor Goldsmith, and touring while pregnant has been more than a little bit of a challenge. Fans who had tickets to those shows will be missing her like … hmm … I’m thinking of a food …

That’s all for this edition of Pop Shots, but come back next Monday for more shots on all things pop.


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