NYC Scene Report – Charlie Burg, Love Crushed Velvet, & Damn Jackals

This week’s NYC Scene Report Features Charlie Burg headed to “Chicago (Take It or Leave It),” Love Crushed Velvet diving into the world of virtual reality, and Damn Jackals telling us about “New Broke City.”

* Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Charlie Burg will be releasing his full length debut, Infinitely Tall, on August 19th, and it will include the soulful jam “Chicago (Take It or Leave It).”

The video for “Chicago (Take It or Leave It)” features Burg working in a pizza place, and I don’t want to spark any controversy here, but when it comes to pizza it’s all about a good NYC – or New Haven – slice. Sorry Chicago, your deep dish is wonderful, but you can’t fold it!

Getting back to the music, Burg discussed his upcoming album in a statement, saying, “I formatted this album in a three-chapter layout, with each group of five songs representing a different space in my life. The first is representative of the dreamlike nostalgia of one’s hometown; the second embodies a college house, and the free spirit and recklessness of young adulthood; the third is city life, an ejection from youth into adulthood, and the endlessness that stretches out before you in the smoky urban expanses.”

Get ready for Infinitely Tall by spinning “Chicago (Take It or Leave It),” which is an infinitely great jam.

* Longtime readers may remember the name Love Crushed Velvet, as the band was featured here often in 2013, and once in 2014. Now they’re back, and they’re all about “The Future.”

“The Future” is off the band’s upcoming studio album, Souls and the Barren Heart, which is due out this Friday, July 22nd. Frontman and songwriter A.L.X. says that musically, “‘The Future’ explores the dichotomy between the ideal of escapism, and the hard reality that success in relationships is a byproduct of hard work, and effort. Problems can’t be overcome by simply wishing them away, or teleporting to a fantasyland where obstacles have illusorially been left behind. The path to a better future comes from looking at situations candidly while being willing to retain a sense of optimism in overcoming challenges.”

The impressive video for “The Future” was a collaboration between Love Crushed Velvet and digital artist Elis Ekdahl, and it’s one of the first music videos expressly designed in virtual reality. For the best viewing experience watch it full screen, and choose the 4K option.

WARNING – this video includes A LOT of flashing lights.

* Brooklyn-based rockers Damn Jackals just released a new EP titled Rivals, and the lead single, “New Broke City,” is a high energy earworm that will stay in your head for days.

With influences that range from garage rock, to glam rock, to classic punk, Damn Jackals have a sound that will appeal to multiple generations of rock n roll fans, and as evidenced by “New Broke City,” the band has a way of feeling classic, without sounding dated.

Oh, and did I mention the frenetic speed of “New Broke City”? If you’re playing this in your car, you’re definitely going to get a speeding ticket. If you’re playing it in your office, you may get hyped enough to “accidentally” throw a chair out the window (which is not advisable if you’re like me, and have a home office).

So click play, and enjoy this sonic energy drink from Damn Jackals.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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