NYC Scene Report – The Living Strange, Momma, & Aubrey Haddard

This week’s NYC Scene Report features The Living Strange feeling “Close,” Momma getting “Lucky,” and Aubrey Haddard “Processing Power.”

* The Living Strange have made a few appearances in this column over the years, and with a new full-length album titled Tell Me Who You Are due out later this year, it’s time to get strange again!

The Brooklyn-based band, clearly feeling animated about the album, recently released an animated music video for the single “Close,” starring their mascot, Monk.

Lead singer Eli Sokolow explained the inspiration for both Monk, and the video, saying, “Monk is the manifestation of our band’s vibe. I’ve always been inspired by non-text logos that convey a band more powerfully than words ever can, like Radiohead’s bear head, or the Stones’ tongue. In the ‘Close’ video we follow Monk on a journey throughout New York City, and also his state of mind. As the song muses on closeness, Monk reconciles love within himself, and those around.”

Click play on “Close,” and feel the love with The Living Strange.

* Brooklyn-based band Momma are getting “Lucky,” “Lucky” being the latest single from their upcoming album, Household Name, which is due out July 1st via Polyvinyl Record Co. / Lucky Number Music.

Founded by singers/guitarists Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten, on “Lucky” the former takes the lead. “I wrote it after my significant other and I had to spend an unknown amount of time apart from each other on opposite sides of the country,” Friedman explains, “I wanted it to feel anthemic, like a sappy and sentimental love song, but I still wanted to speak on how exciting it feels to know you found true treasure with someone you are in love with.”

Momma will be hitting the road from August 12th through October 8th. If you’re “Lucky” you’ll be able to catch them in a city near you. For now, you can check out “Lucky” right here.

* Aubrey Haddard is fast becoming a column favorite here, and with her latest single, “Processing Power,” it’s pretty clear as to why.

“Processing Power” is off Haddard’s upcoming second full-length album, Awake And Talking, which is due out August 19th, and she explained the inspiration for the song, saying, “‘Processing Power’ was written while trying to cope with my frustrations. It’s an anxious, cathartic song. I was feeling overwhelmed with both my own, and the world’s dependence on technology, and writing it felt like my own personal revolt.”

Killer alt-pop, and revolting against tech? Yeah, this one’s an anthem for me!

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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