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NYC Scene Report – Bad Business Club, Surfbort, & The Ice Cold Killers
Wednesday, September 29, 2021

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Bad Business Club “Runnin’ From You,” Surfbort taking a “White Claw Enema Bong Hit,” and The Ice Cold Killers revealing “We’re the Enemy.”

* There are two kinds of people in the world – people who love Bad Business Club, and people who hate fun.

The latest good time single from the Brooklyn-based nu disco / yacht rock band is “Runnin’ From You,” which is off their recently released Naked Neighbor LP.

When I caught up with the band last month they discussed the vibe they were going for with the album, with Alex Vans explaining, “When you think of electronic disco yacht rock, you think of Ibiza, and you think of fancy yachts, and champagne, and parties by the beachside … and I thought – tear that down to somebody’s small version of that life, which is like their backyard little tiki set up, and small pool. That’s what I think Naked Neighbor (represents), somebody’s little cottage in suburban Florida. You think you want to be at the yacht party in Ibiza, but you really want to be just sippin’ on a beer, and grillin’ in that person’s backyard by his fake tiki torches.” (read the full interview here)

For the video for “Runnin’ From You” they exited their hypothetical back yard, set up a few iPhones, and ran around Brooklyn for a fun clip that matches the spirit of the band.

Click play, and I guarantee you’ll be running to Bad Business Club.

* When you see a song titled “White Claw Enema Bong Hit” how the heck do you not press play?

That was my reaction when I was doing a little research on Brooklyn based punk band, Surfbort after learning about their just released album Keep On Truckin’.

As of the writing of this column (I do these in advance, folks!), there’s no word on if “White Claw Enema Bong Hit” will be on Keep On Truckin’, but at the very least the vibe of the song is an ever-present one for Surfbort.

Lead singer Dani Miller discussed the band’s music, and latest release, in a statement, saying, “We wanted to make an album that covered all the feels – being the main character, feeling hopeless, hating billionaires, feeling lost, dealing with addictions of drinking, drugs, food lovers, solitude in being alone, the beauty among the suffering, and like our last album we hope this album is a friend, and (the) support you need at your low moments, and a celebration of your true self at your highest moments.”

You can take a hit from Surfbort’s White Claw enema bong right here.

* NYC-based punk rock outfit The Ice Cold Killers have a message for the public – “We’re the Enemy.”

The “we” in this case isn’t the band, it’s everything we consume from the media that works to divide us.

“We’re the Enemy” is off Ice Cold Killers just released album Stories From The Grave, which the band describes as “an album that may leave a mark right through your heart, right through your soul, right through your skull!!!”

Click play, rock out, get mad, and get hyped to do something about it.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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