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NYC Scene Report – Uni, The Bobby Lees, & Dan Miraldi
Wednesday, July 29, 2020

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Uni with some post-apocalyptic “Debris,” The Bobby Lees introducing us to “Wendy,” and Dan Miraldi setting off some “Fireworks.”

* If you’re going to make a music video, why not make it as wild, and visually captivating as possible? I’m pretty sure that’s the theory behind the clip for Uni’s latest single, “Debris.”

Discussing the video in a statement, Uni’s Charlotte Kemp Muhl, who directed the clip, said, “‘Debris’ is about a post-apocalyptic cult, embracing the manifesto of ‘Mutate or Die,’ and using the metaphor of the end of the world for the end of a relationship.”

She continued, saying, “My main inspirations for directing it were The Man Who Fell To Earth, Nam June Paik, and Mandy. Jack plays the genderless alien cult leader. David is the warrior, and I was inspired by the mysterious and ominous presence of Kim Jong Un’s sister and royal advisor for my role, who is one of those rare, ice cold women running a militaristic state.”

In a bit of cruel irony, she notes, “Right after we filmed it there were pandemics and riots, so it felt eerily premonitory of the despair and destruction of Western civilization getting it’s comeuppance, but also about the Phoenix of a better future rising from the ashes.”

Click play, and hang on for a wild ride.

* The Bobby Lees released their latest album, Skin Suit, earlier this month via Alive Naturalsound Records, and it’s one of the most exciting rock releases to come out of NY’s indie scene in 2020.

Loud, unapologetic, and in your face, The Bobby Lees are the kind of rock n roll that makes you want to tear shit up.

Need proof? Meet “Wendy”, and take two minutes to go out of your mind in the best possible way.

* I know most of us feel like we’ve heard more than enough fireworks over the past few months, but Dan Miraldi’s “Fireworks” are actually pleasing to the ear.

The singer-songwriter explained his latest single in a statement, saying, “‘Fireworks’ is an apocalyptic love song that compares the sky being on fire to a fireworks display. It’s about who you would want to be with in those last moments before everything ends.”

The song may seem like a sign of the times, but according to Miraldi, “It was actually recorded last summer, but now with the heaviness of world events, the song seemed appropriate.”

That said, he does add, “For the record, I do not think we are currently experiencing the end of the world, but there’s a lot to process and things feel overwhelming.”

Experience the beauty of Dan Miraldi’s “Fireworks.”

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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