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NYC Scene Report – Mïrändä, Michael Buono, & Bottler
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Mïrändä becoming art, Michael Buono seeking a “Rescue,” and an incredible animated video from Bottler.

* Indie pop artist Mïrändä has released a homemade video for her latest single, “I Am Art,” which is the third song in her tarot-inspired singles trilogy.

She shot the video during quarantine, in the hallway of her NYC apartment, using just her cell phone, and healthy dose of creativity.

“I Am Art” is a deeply personal song for Mïrändä, as she explains, “This song marks a turning point for me, and the beginning of a journey of personal and spiritual growth. I wrote it over a year ago, and it’s incredible how its meaning continues to evolve for me. Its message feels so relevant to the time we are currently in.”

Check out the song, and the video, both of which are fantastic.

* If you ever feel like you’re putting on a brave front, but are hurting on the inside, you are not alone. NYC-based indie pop singer-songwriter Michael Buono’s latest single, “Rescue," is all about this feeling.

“This song to me is about how we’re all struggling, but each of us is afraid to pull back the curtain to anyone else and let them know the suffering we’re experiencing,” he explains, “What has hit me extra hard about this video is that even though it feels like we shot this not too long ago – we started about two months ago – watching now in our current global landscape reminds me that many of our normal coping mechanisms, such as going to a bar and hanging out with friends, are no longer available to us. That makes the video even sadder to me, as I envisioned telling a story of frustration and vulnerability, but didn't imagine the horrible situation the world would be in when I was finally ready to release it; we have now been deprived of even our most desperate attempts to quench our lonely souls.”

Click play, and get rescued, at least for a few minutes, by Michael Buono.

* Sometimes I see a video that is simply way too cool not to share, and this is the case with Bottler’s video for their latest single, “Weekend.”

The Brooklyn-based electronic music duo linked up with animator Dylan Goodsell – who does most of the Buffalo Bills’ on-screen animation work – to create a video with an old school horror / sci-fi vibe, and the result is absolutely incredible.

You definitely have to check this one out!

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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