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NYC Scene Report – Lenii, Mïrändä, & Rachel Lynn
Wednesday, February 26, 2020

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Lenii breaking down facades with “Regular 10,” Mïrändä begging us to “Stay,” and Rachel Lynn with something to warm up to “This Winter.”

* Sometimes an artist comes along that immediately catches my ear with their uniqueness, and potentially groundbreaking sound. Lenii is one of those artists.

Born in Ireland, but having left home at the age of 15 to come to NYC, the now Brooklyn resident has been making a name for herself as a member of the city’s electronic music scene, having been featured as a singer and producer on multiple dance records. Now building her solo career, she’s released a new single titled “Regular 10,” which is off her forthcoming EP, In All Fairness.

Lenii explained the inspiration for the song, and EP, saying, “‘Regular 10’ is the best example of the EP’s theme. It’s about pretending you’re doing great when you’re actually hiding all the parts of your life you’re not proud of. In fact, I was feeling particularly gloomy the morning I wrote the song. I felt like a mess, looking at everyone on Instagram who appeared to be doing so well. Then I realized that they all have issues, too, and Instagram isn’t real life.”

She adds that when it comes to the name of the EP, “In All Fairness is a uniquely Irish phrase that can mean different things depending on the tone it's said in. It’s like an Irish way of saying ‘come on’ while rolling your eyes.”

Check out the video for “Regular 10,” as there’s nothing regular about the talents of Lenii.

* If you’re in the mood for something big and bold, look no further than indie pop artist Mïrändä’s latest single, “Stay.”

Explaining the song in a statement, Mïrändä said, “‘Stay” is a theatrical, classic rock, symphonic pop anthem about the desire for human connection, and about a crippling fear of being alone. It’s about navigating hookup culture today, attempting to conform to its expectations. And it is about the blurred lines between sex and love.”

She added, “While the lyrics express a sense of desperation, the melody and instrumentation are hopeful.”

Personally, I feel some classic Meat Loaf vibes in “Stay,” and that is one of the biggest compliments I can possibly give.

* Forget dressing in layers, and cranking up the heat, soulful songstress Rachel Lynn has a new single that will warm everyone up “This Winter.”

Describing “This Winter” as “an R&B-inspired love song about no longer having to fight off feelings of loneliness as the days get darker and colder,” Lynn adds, “Instead, you’re able to find hope and security in the possibility that you've found someone you can count on.”

“This Winter” is the audible equivalent of having a roaring fire going in your fireplace, and if you’re with someone special, it just might have the same effect.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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