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NYC Scene Report – Rue Snider, Emily Yacina, & more
Wednesday, November 27, 2019

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Rue Snider doing it live, Emily Yacina “Gleaming,” Sean Henry’s pop project, and Elle Winter looking to present her true self.

* If you’ve ever seen NYC-based indie rock artist Rue Snider live you know he puts on a heck of a show. Come December 6th, you’ll be able to take that experience home, as Snider will be releasing his first live EP, Pete’s Candy Store pt. 1.

Recorded at the Brooklyn music venue the EP is named after, the first single off the project is “Dark Crystal Daze.” Snider discussed the song in a statement, saying, “It’s about letting go before you’re ready. It reflects the moment when a relationship is ending, and a person’s best attempt at surrender still involves asking the other person for something. It’s a selfish, emotional space that many of us move through before finding healing after experiencing a broken heart. There’s the subtle manipulation of saying ‘go ahead and go, but please remember X, Y and Z.’ It took a lot of work for me to realize how truly manipulative and controlling that kind of language is, and that it proceeds from a place of lack, and neediness, not love.”

Snider continued, adding, “I spent a lot of time projecting my own pain and fear onto other people, and that takes work to unlearn. We’re all on a journey, and I think the spaces on the way to healthiness and self-compassion are very interesting and important to write about. This song captures a tiny piece of that journey.”

Click play on “Dark Crystal Daze” and hear why earlier in the year I referred to Rue Snider’s work as “fearless.”

* I only have one problem with singer-songwriter Emily Yacina’s latest single, “Gleaming” – it’s only 1:39, and I want to hear more!

The NYC, by way of Pennsylvania, artist will be releasing her debut album, Remember the Silver on December 6th, and the gorgeous “Gleaming” is a perfect introduction. Check out the video for the song. I’m sure it won’t be the last time you see her in this column.

* Sean Posila, who records under the moniker Sean Henry, needed a change of scenery. “New York had broken up with me,” he laments.

Returning home to suburban Connecticut earlier this year, he dove into working on his recently released album, A Jump from the High Dive. “I was doing a lot of couch surfing, living where I grew up, in a Connecticut ghost town, and touring around the country,” he explains, “I was all over the place. Amidst trying to sort things out, I wanted to make my version of a pop album.”

Sean Henry is now back in NYC, and after listening to the single “You Fall Away,” I think you’ll find his version of a pop album is pretty great.

* NYC’s resident rising pop songstress Elle Winter will have an EP out early next year, but you don’t have to wait until you hang your 2020 calendar to hear new music from her, as she recently released the single “Thought of Me.”

A bouncy pop jam that would sound at home on Top 40 radio, Winter explained the inspiration for the song in a statement, saying, “‘Thought of Me’ speaks to the contradiction of how we present ourselves to the outside world versus who we really are as a person. I know that as an artist, and being active on social media, I do not always present the ‘true me’ online. Sometimes I find it easier to let people hold on to this idea of me instead of opening up, and letting someone get to know me. This song addresses that dilemma I face, and I hope it resonates with my listeners, and helps people realize we all experience the same problems and issues no matter who we are, or where we come from.”

Check out “Thought of Me,” and get real with Elle Winter.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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