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3 Reasons You Should See Mile Marker Zero Live
Friday, September 06, 2019

The other night at The Acoustic, in Bridgeport, CT, I was reintroduced to the music of Mile Marker Zero for the first time.

I know, that sentence seems a little strange. How can someone be reintroduced for the first time? Well, the first time I saw the New Haven-based rock outfit they didn’t perform a traditional set. Their drummer had fallen ill, and the band had to put together an acoustic set on the fly. I remember it being good, but seeing the full band, fully plugged in, and fully rockin’ out, was a truly fantastic experience.

Here are three reasons you should see Mile Marker Zero live.

1. Lead singer Dave Alley has a voice that can move you

Here’s a slightly embarrassing admission – when Mile Marker Zero’s set began, I was in the bathroom. Hey, I drink a lot of water. It happens. Why this is part of the story is because it was while I was in the bathroom that I heard Dave Alley’s fantastic voice coming from the stage, and it was an OMG moment.

I was in the midst of seeing nine bands over the course of a few days, and after hearing Alley’s powerful, emotive, crystal clear vocals I immediately knew this was the band I was going to write about. I finished my business, washed my hands, and got back out there, because I didn’t want to miss another second of their set.

His voice, quite literally, moved me!

2. Whether it’s prog rock, modern rock, grunge, or pop punk – Mile Marker Zero rocks

Because the music world oftentimes forces bands to be pigeonholed into a specific genre classification, Mile Marker Zero is considered a progressive rock band. That said, during their set it was clear their influences are far more wide ranging than just a single genre.

In addition to prog rock, one can hear modern rock, grunge rock, and even pop punk influences in their sound. The great thing about Mile Marker Zero is that while they have all these influences, you don’t hear them aping any specific bands. They’re always 100% Mile Marker Zero, and they always rock.

3. They have a good time on stage

When you attend a Mile Marker Zero show you’re going to have a good time. Why? Because the band is having a good time, and that kind of emotion is contagious.

They smile, they laugh, they joke, they tell the occasional story – they find a way to be both remarkably talented musicians who own the stage, AND incredibly relatable people you’ll want to approach, and and say hi to after the show.

FYI – They’ll say hi back.

To find out when, and where, Mile Marker Zero will be performing next, check out their website for show dates.


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