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NYC Scene Report – Rachel Lynn, J Hacha De Zola, & more
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

This week’s NYC Scene Report features a soulful gem from Rachel Lynn, a wild “Anarchy” filled video from J Hacha De Zola, Phil and the Osophers making a “Bee Liner” to long-forgotten ‘80s technology, and punk rockers Show Me The Body launching a “Madonna Rocket.”

* Longtime column favorite Rachel Lynn recently released a new single titled “Didn’t I,” and it’s soulful gem with a classic feel to it.

The NYC-based singer-songwriter says of the song, which is off her forthcoming EP, due out later this year, “‘Didn’t I’ is my hopeless, angry, heart-wrenching anthem. I wanted to write something I could really wail on, really lose myself in on stage, and that's how ‘Didn’t I’ came about. I without a doubt lose myself in this one.”

Having seen Rachel Lynn bring down the house in the past, I can’t wait to see/hear her perform this song live.

* Speaking of column favorites, J Hacha De Zola is certainly no stranger to the NYC Scene Report (even if he’s technically in NJ. Hey, it’s all love in the tri-state area!). Late last month the “urban junkyard” artist released his latest album, Icaro Nouveau, and there’s now a wild black and white video for the song “Anarchy.”

“There's a bit of a Stephen King’s It vibe to it,” J Hacha De Zola says of the clip, adding, “The weather was terrible, and we kinda rode it by the seat of our pants. I thought I’d try to recreate the ‘debauched harlequin’ look that we did for the album cover, along with my ‘diabolical ‘brella.’ I kinda wished my umbrella prop actually worked, though, because I got drenched!”

I think that qualifies as suffering for your art, and judging by the finished product, it was well worth it.

* Phil and the Osophers is a Brooklyn-based band led by Phil Radiotes, and everything about their latest single, “Bee Liner,” is undeniably joyous – from the vocals, to the music, to the awesomely retro video.

Speaking about the video, which features effects from the ‘80s video synthesizer the Fairlight CVI, Radiotes says, “I was first unknowingly introduced to the Fairlight at five-years-old when I performed a karaoke version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ at a music service shop at the Fashion Island Mall in San Mateo, CA. I showed the ‘Bad’ video to (‘Bee Liner’ director) Ken (Anderson), he posted a sample of it to a few video forums, and found out it was a Fairlight CVI. We then tracked down what, to my knowledge, is the only working Fairlight CVI still available to use, and we convinced the guy who owns it to run our footage through it. So, the footage for ‘Bee Liner’ went from 2019 to the 1980s and back.”

“Bee Liner” is off Phil and the Osophers upcoming full-length album, From The Rise of Fall, which is due out this summer, and you can check out the must-see video right here.

* NYC-based punk rock band Show Me The Body is launching a “Madonna Rocket.” “Madonna Rocket” being the latest single from the band’s just released album, Dog Whistle.

The group discussed the album in a statement, saying, “This album is for those who are no longer with us. It is about coping with the loss of friends, family, and mentors, while building a new community in their wake. (Quoting “Madonna Rocket”) ‘When I meet someone that's good I want to die with them, dead friends I still want to say goodbye to them.’ In the midst of losing friends we strive to create a stronger community, dedicated to fight, survive, and thrive in their memory and spirit.”

Yesterday, Show Me The Body kicked off a national tour that will run through May 16th, and you can see the video for “Madonna Rocket” right here.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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