3 Reasons You Should See Back From Zero Live

Sometimes you just want to rock out, and when I caught Back From Zero’s set at Arlene’s Grocery two weeks ago, rocking out was exactly what was on the menu.

The NYC-based band pulls no punches with their music, and within a few songs the majority of the crowd was rocking out with them, drawn in by that small (or sometimes large) part of everyone’s soul that just wants to hear a blistering guitar, and embrace the inner headbanger we each have inside of us.

If you’re ready to embrace your inner headbanger, check out these three reasons you should see Back From Zero live.

1. They rock hard

The music of Back From Zero is a mixture of grunge and classic rock with a little punk rock and metal thrown in, or as lead singer Dean Bonsignore described it during a mic break, it's “Really fast. Really heavy.”

It's also really good.

2. F*ck image, it’s all about the music

Until they hit the stage it would be easy to mistake the members of Back From Zero as simply four guys getting together for a drink after a long day. In fact, when I met them before the show that’s exactly what I thought they were. When they got on stage, however, they went from being the perfect nondescript representation of an everyman, to a band that wants to rock your face off.

This is a mission they most certainly accomplish.

3. They’re legitimately fun

Bosignore is a very entertaining frontman, who cracks jokes between songs, jumps off the stage, and will occasionally ask the crowd to say “fuck you” in unison to a specific member of the band (two members received the “fuck you” treatment during the show I attended).

Basically, he makes sure everyone is having a good time, and what more can you ask for than knowing your night out is going to be fun?

To find out when, and where, Back From Zero will be performing next, check out their Facebook page for show dates.


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