3 Reasons You Should See Tropidelic Live

This past weekend I was introduced to the good vibes of Cleveland-based six-piece Tropidelic, as their tour made a stop at The Acoustic in Bridgeport, CT.

A seamless intertwining of reggae, indie hip-hop, rock, funk, and ska – the band’s sound is a musical gumbo that’s sonically delicious with expert chefs at the helm, and Tropidelic are some culinary masters. The musical mix was even visually evident, as their guitar player, who has the hair to be in an 80’s metal band, was wearing a Cardi B shirt.

There was a 420 vibe amongst the crowd, which included a group of people in onesies, and a few folks who were noticeably … let’s just say their glaucoma was being taken care of, but to me those are just signs of a good party, and you know what – those types of folks really enjoy themselves as concerts, and that vibe spreads like a contact high.

I left the night as a fan of the band, and with the following three reasons you should see Tropidelic live.

1. They’re all about creating a good time

Rather than a performance that felt like it was for the crowd, Tropidelic made it feel like they were with the crowd, creating a vibe that was less “a band and their fans” and more “a band with their friends.”

This wasn’t just figurative, either, it became literal, as near the end of their set members of the band brought a trombone and trumpet into the crowd to jam amongst the audience.

Being able to connect with an audience as friends is a remarkable skill, and it wasn’t just for show, as after their set they were more than happy to hang out with everyone.

2. They feature an emcee/trombone player

Longtime readers know how many concerts I attend each year. Multiply that by the nearly 20 years I’ve been covering music and you may think, “This guy’s seen it all,” but Tropidelic’s show was the very first time I’d seen an emcee who also plays the trombone.

Oh, and did I mention the emcee/trombone player can also play the drums, and that he’s excellent at all three things?

The level of musical talent in this band is insane, and speaking of those drums …

3. A marching band could appear at any moment

At one point during their set the majority of Tropidelic disappeared backstage, only to return with a variety of drums, and a tuba – yes, a tuba – creating the illest marching band vibe this side of an HBCU.

This was another “only at a Tropidelic show” moment that made this first timer want to see them again as soon as humanly possible.

To find out when, and where, Tropidelic will be performing next, check out their website for show dates.


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