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NYC Scene Report – Van Bellman, Brooke Moriber, & more
Wednesday, December 05, 2018

This week’s NYC Scene Report features an old-timey zombie themed video for rock artist Van Bellman’s “I Hate To See You This Way,” singer-songwriter Brooke Moriber suggesting we “Cry Like A Girl,” pop-rock veterans Longwave turning a potential tragedy into a fantastic song, and indie pop duo TOLEDO drawing listeners a warm “Bath.”

* You probably already know Brooklyn-based rock artist Van Bellman, either from his previous appearance in this column, or his work as the guitarist for the multi-platinum band American Authors (OK, you know him from the latter, but humor me and pretend you also know him from here). His latest solo single is “I Hate To See You This Way,” and it’s a phenomenal rock song with a wild video.

Van Bellman explained both the song, and the video – which is done in the form of an old-timey zombie flick and involves a gothic love triangle – saying, “The lyrics of the tune are a bit heavy on face value; the agonizing futility of seeing someone you love go down a dark path. The video highlights the fun, bluesy rock vibe of the production. The widower hates to see his wife dead, the mistress hates to see this man in grief.”

Check out the clip, because while Van Bellman may hate to see you this way, if you’re anything like me you’ll love to hear him this way.

* Brooke Moriber is going a little bit country with her latest single, “Cry Like A Girl.”

The NYC-based singer-songwriter explained the inspiration for the song, which is off her upcoming, fan-funded, album of the same name, saying, “It’s a statement about self-discovery, and the strength that comes with embracing your emotions, and allowing yourself to heal and grow. Human beings are resilient, and I believe music can be the best reminder of that.”

Give “Cry Like A Girl” a listen, and let the former Broadway star inspire you to shed a tear.

* Brooklyn-based pop-rock band Longwave had been dormant for nearly a decade, but they’ve risen like the Phoenix with the release of “Stay With Me,” their first new single in ten years.

The band’s frontman, Steve Schiltz, discussed the song in a statement, saying, “‘Stay With Me’ is a love song, albeit not really in a typical guy-girl-hold hands type way. A while back now, a family member of mine was diagnosed with cancer. It looked bad, and we were pretty sure we were going to lose him. This was someone I'd had in my life as far back I can remember. I was worried about him, and it occurred to me, what is his wife going to do? I couldn't imagine the grief she was preparing to withstand. It was at this moment in time that I wrote the words for this song. I was thinking about her loss … she was going to have to carry on without him. What was that going to look like for her?”

Schiltz continued, adding the real life story had a happy ending. “Against all odds, he beat the cancer into remission, and at this time there is no detectable cancer. It was truly a miracle. So, this was a case of everyone winning here – I got the song, and our family gets to keep him."

Check out the Dave Doobinin directed video for “Stay With Me,” and let’s hope Longwave continues to stay with us, as well.

* Shed your clothes and grab some Mr. Bubble, it’s time to take a bath. OK, I’m not talking about a literal bath, I’m talking about the song “Bath,” which is the latest single from Brooklyn-based indie pop duo TOLEDO.

Describing themselves as “an indie pop, sailor goth, pirate rock band,” “Bath” is a beautifully serene, and melodic, indie pop gem that will allow your mind to wander, and make the next 3:47 seem like a summer’s day (just don’t look at what it’s actually like outside).

Oh, and about that whole “shedding your clothes” thing … I hope you didn’t actually do that, especially if you’re at work. I hear that kind of thing is frowned upon in most offices. That said, playing “Bath” loud enough for everyone to hear is a great way to get back in everyone’s good graces.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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