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NYC Scene Report – Jill Peacock, Pecas, & more
Wednesday, December 19, 2018

This week’s NYC Scene Report features smooth R&B from Jill Peacock, dream pop/shoegaze artist Pecas’ tour plans, big, bold indie pop from Skela, and a trippy clip from J Hacha De Zola for his Spanish language project, Syn Illusión.

* Brooklyn, by way of Toronto, indie R&B artist Jill Peacock has a slow jam for you that’s so smooth, and so sensual, that when you click play on it you’ll be in the mood for love before you even get to the first chorus.

The song is titled “Up in the Air,” and Peacock describes it saying, “It’s a sensual song about the beginnings of a relationship – or, ahem, booty call, ahem – and that hesitant, heart-fluttery feeling about whether you should just go for it or not.”

“Up in the Air” is off Peacock’s self-titled debut EP, which was released last year on Toronto-based label Do Right Music. The video for the song, which was shot in Brooklyn and the West Village, was directed by Pablo Chea, and does a fantastic job of creating a visualization of the vibe.

Check it out, and let Jill Peacock help get you in the mood.

* Keeping things smooth and sensual, frequent readers of this column already know that the breathy vocals, and chilled out vibe, of Brooklyn, via Madrid, artist Pecas has sparked a flame here, most notably with her standout single “Matchstick.” In January she’ll be taking that flame on the road, embarking on a Southeastern U.S. tour.

For a preview, check out this live clip from a recent performance at the Queens venue Trans Pecos, and hear her at her dream pop/shoegaze best.

Side Note – This clip may inspire you to grab the person nearest to you and make out with them, so make sure you’re sitting next to someone you find attractive!

* Queens native Skela knows that, traditionally, certain things go together – two such things being heartbreak and liquor.

“Heartbreak & Liquor” is the latest from the indie pop singer-songwriter, who describes the song, and accompanying video, saying, “‘Heartbreak & Liquor’ is about an intoxicating relationship placed in the backdrop of New York City, lyrically and literally. All of the projections in the music video are videos from my phone that I took just to have as keepsakes for myself. I never imagined being able to use them for anything other than memories. It's nice being able to look at a place like this city and think of people you've loved, even if it wasn't forever.”

The song is off Skela’s just released visual album, Project 10, which features 10 songs, and 10 accompanying music videos. The entire project came to fruition over the course of six days, on a DIY budget, with the help of three friends.

Check out the video for “Heartbreak & Liquor.” I think you’ll find that heartbreak never sounded so good.

* A few weeks ago I wrote about New Jersey-based artist J Hacha De Zola’s recently released Spanish language EP Syn Illusión. Now there’s a video for the title track, and in true J Hacha De Zola form, it’s wildly unique, and a little mind-bending.

The song comes from an interesting place, as J Hacha De Zola describes his mindstate going into the writing process, saying, “I got in touch with my inner brokenhearted 17-year-old girl from ‘90s,” adding that when it comes to the project as a whole, “I think of this as some kind of undead Romeo vampire-like dude crooning about love, power, and magic.”

This is one vampire we hope Buffy will spare, because experimental artist J Hacha De Zola continues to impress at every turn.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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