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3 Reasons You Should See Oogee Wawa Live
Thursday, December 06, 2018

The other night I went to my favorite local haunt, The Acoustic in Bridgeport, CT, as the bill had a few bands that I was interested in checking out, one of which being the Long Island-based alt-reggae hip-hop group Oogee Wawa.

A band with a funny name, but a seriously dope vibe, I went from simply having heard of Oogee Wawa, to being a full-fledged fan by the end of their set.

Here are three reasons why you should grab a friend and see Oogee Wawa when they come to your town.

1. They’re a guaranteed good time

If you see Oogee Wawa live, you can leave your bad day at the door, because it’s going to be a fun night.

Oogee Wawa have a blast while performing, and when a band is genuinely having a good time on stage, the emotion spreads quickly throughout the venue.

At one point during their set I turned to the person I was with and said, “We should all find something we love in life as much as Oogee Wawa’s bass player loves playing the bass.” By the end of their set I realized it wasn’t just the bass player, every member of the band has that kind of love of performing, and when an entire band feels that way you’re pretty much guaranteed to enjoy yourself at their show.

2. They can create the feeling of spring/summer in the middle of winter

Reggae, by virtue of its sound, and being from a warm place, is known for having a warm vibe. Even with that in mind, I was impressed by how Oogee Wawa made me forget about the fact that we had freezing temperatures outside.

The vibe they created made me think back to the outdoor Spring Fling parties that were held on my college campus back in my undergrad years, and let’s be real, those years will always be some of the best times of our lives. Oogee Wawa being able to recreate that feeling is pretty awesome, and a reason their live show can be enjoyed by music fans of all ages.

3. You may hear a reggae cover of a hip-hop classic

In the middle of their set, Oogee Wawa broke out into a reggae infused cover of the Warren G and Nate Dogg classic “Regulate,” and it was amazing.

“Regulate” is one of those songs that pretty much everyone of a certain age knows and loves. Realizing no one will ever be able to replicate the smooth, baritone vocals of Nate Dogg (RIP), one of the best decisions Oogee Wawa made when putting this cover together was to go in a completely different direction, making those parts of the song decidedly reggae, even changing the lyric to, “It’s the G-funk era, funked out with a reggae twist.”

The band said they might retire that particular cover, but something tells me they have another one up their collective sleeve.

To find out when, and where, Oogee Wawa will be performing next, check out their website, or their Facebook page, for show dates.


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