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Vid Pick: CXLOE – Show You
Friday, November 30, 2018

After already giving us Men At Work, Nicole Kidman, and Australian Rules Football, the land down under continues to be a gift that keeps on giving. Their most recent gift is rising pop star CXLOE, who is ready to take her place among pop’s elite.

CXLOE’s latest single is “Show You,” a big, bold, pop gem that’s tailor made for Top 40 radio, as both sonically, and songwriting-wise, it rivals the music of the biggest names in the genre today.

Wanting to more about CXLOE, and her music, I caught up with the Aussie artist, who now resides in L.A., to ask her about her musical background, the culture shock that came with moving to America, and how she’s gearing up for her 2019 tour dates with Maroon 5.

You’re a fresh voice on the scene. Let’s talk a little bit about your musical history. Were you a kid who went through your parents’ album collection, and if so, what were some of your favorites?

Yes I was! I’ve had the love of music running through me since I can remember. Some of my greatest influences came from my parents’ music collection, and from long drives with my dad. This included Eva Cassidy, Joni Mitchell, The Police, and Fleetwood Mac. I still use these artists as references when writing today.

How early on did you know music was going to be your path in life? Was it obvious from day one, and you kicked all the other kids’ butts in school talent shows? And if you were a talent show kid, do you have a favorite talent show moment?

I was one of THOSE kids, who did every musical, and talent show, she could get her hands on. I think because of this I don’t suffer so bad from nerves now. That’s the only positive I can take away from those embarrassing performances. Honestly, I’ve tried to block them all out of my mind, so no talent show moments are coming to mind. {laughs}

Your latest single is “Show You.” What inspired the lyrics, and the overall musical vibe of the song?

I don’t usually write like this. I usually have a concept, then I work forwards from that, but with this song we started with the production first, and in-between singing gibberish melodies some lyrics fell out of my mouth – “show you” – and I worked backwards at what it meant to me.

In relationships, I often find it hard to communicate how I feel, so with this song I wanted to write about showing someone how you feel instead.

You’re from Sydney, Australia, but you’re currently based in L.A. What was the most lost, or out of your element, you felt when you first arrived in LA?

Oh God. {laughs} It was a very extended “moment” over two years. I felt very lost, and like I was thrusted into this city that moved so fast, and didn’t wait for anyone. It was a long time before I didn’t feel lost. The key for me is good friends and NEVER compromising yourself, or your values, to fit in.

Have you picked up any habits, or qualities, that you feel are distinctly L.A., something that makes you think, “Whoa, I HAVE spent a lot of time in this city!”

Yes! I’m starting to roll my R’s which is making a weird hybrid out of my Aussie accent. I’m also saying “wait what?” a lot, which is VERY L.A. {laughs} 

You’ll be opening for Maroon 5 when they hit Australia in 2019. What was your reaction when you learned you’d booked that gig?

I’m a pessimist … or a realist … whatever, just not an overly excited person when I receive news until it actually happens, or is happening. So when I first got told I was like, well that’s never happening! But once it was confirmed, and as we continue to get closer and closer to the date, each day it feels more and more real, and that it’s actually going to happen. On stage I will probably be thinking, “OK, cool, it happened. Now you can shit your pants.”

Was there an especially rough show from when you were coming up – tough crowd, no crowd, awful promotion, van broke down on the way there – that you look back on now and say, “I went from THAT to opening for Maroon 5!”? If so, tell me about that show.

Ohhhhh yes. I mean, I was playing at every bar across Sydney a few years back. Beers would be spilt on me on the reg, and I'd get requests to play “Wonderwall" and “Valerie” three times a night, usually to about five people in the crowd. So that was pretty rough, but I’m also grateful for those shows because I can be proud of how hard I worked, and where I am now. 

Finally, who are three musicians, living or deceased, you’d love to have dinner with, and why?

Banks – She’s a literal genius.

Eva Cassidy – Her life was too short, and I never got to understand her fully as an artist, so I have a lot of questions I’d like to ask.

John Mayer – Because he’s John Mayer.

For more CXLOE, check out cxloe.com, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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