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Friday, December 15, 2017

When I first heard Siberia’s alt-pop gem “ORENDA” my reaction was, “How is this not all over Top 40 radio?!?!”

The Florida native has lyrical depth, emotional vocals, and production that can easily fit alongside the genre’s best and brightest.

Wanting to know more about Siberia, and her music, I caught up with her to find out the meaning behind “ORENDA,” how becoming hyperaware has changed her for the better, and why she connects with the alt-pop genre.

“ORENDA” is the lead single off of your Send EP, which was released earlier this year. It’s also track one on the EP. What made “ORENDA” the perfect song to lead off your EP, and use as your introduction to the world?

It was the first song I had written for (my) Siberia (moniker). It was carefully written, and toiled over, for weeks before I went into the studio with it. It was/is a song I’m incredibly proud of, songwriting-wise, and growth-wise as an individual.

It was the entrance into this world I created for what’s almost like an alter-ego for me – Siberia – and I wanted anyone who heard it to know that I am walking into this new world like they are. 

According to the description of the video, “ORENDA” is a personal state of mind. Is it your creative state of mind, your everyday state of mind, or something else altogether?

“ORENDA” is a combination of all of those things.

I see “ORENDA” as if you stepped into your subconscious, pulled back the curtains, and ventured through all that really goes on inside your head.

It’s the state of mind I’ve been in, and still am in, where I am hyperaware of all my emotions and surroundings, and I’m able to see things for what they truly are.

It goes deeper and deeper into a ridiculous amount of detail where I’ve written the full extent of this song’s meaning in at least four full pages multiple times. As time passes, it takes on a new meaning, more refined then the last.

“ORENDA” is seeing yourself for what you are – the good, the bad, and the honest mix of both.
Does everyone have their own “ORENDA,” and if so, how can they go about tapping into it, and should everyone tap into it?

This is an interesting question. I would say, for my own sake, “ORENDA” is something I needed to stay sane. I often get overwhelmed with a million different thoughts and “ORENDA” breaks it all down to the foundation, and makes it easier to take on, and solve. 

I think, to a comfortable extent, everyone should “tap into” their own “ORENDA.” I believe there is a great power, and comfort, in knowing yourself for all you are. All the grime, grace, and greatness of each person is what makes them who they are.

For me, it was a step I needed to take in learning to love all of who I am, and that’s something I would love for others to take from this.

“ORENDA” is a distinctly alt-pop jam, and I’ve read that some of your musical influences are of the alt-pop genre. What about alt-pop speaks to you?

There’s always been something about the sounds created with alt-pop that has gotten to me.

I feel alt-pop is one of the most incredible ways to turn lyrics into a moment. Alt-pop has its highs and lows of emotional expression, and that’s what I love about it.

All music has its own sounds that I respect, but I’ve always had a love for the synths, and 808s, that alt-pop brings to the table.

As for the musical influences, I’ve emotionally connected with those artists in how each of their artistic expressions are unique to them, and it’s something I genuinely love about people who are nothing but themselves. It’s something I strive for.

What can you tell everyone about what you’re working on for 2018?

I’ve been working hard on something for the last year and a half that I have poured my entire life into. Been working on this one since we started recording the Send EP. If I were to give any hint for right now it would be that I am the living representation of this next record.

I cannot express how excited I am about this one. I can’t wait to share more.

If someone were to spark up a conversation with you about something outside of music, what else are you passionate about in life that you can talk for hours about?

It’s a tie between poetry and sci-fi.

I read ridiculous amounts of poetry/essays from writers like T.S. Eliot, (Sylvia) Plath, and my current read, W.S. Merwin. I am in love with the meticulous eloquence of emotion that poetry brings. 

I was raised on sci-fi movies, books, and comics. I could go on and on, even now, about all I love about the genre of sci-fi.

Finally, in a perfect world you’d be touring with …

In a perfect world I’d be touring with Lights, Halsey, or Banks. They’re the most badass ladies I’ve ever seen, and they’ve inspired me endlessly. It would be an absolute DREAM. 

For more Siberia, check out iamsiberia.com.


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