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NYC Scene Report – Birch, Halycine, & more
Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This week’s NYC Scene Report features an electro-pop jam from Birch, a gorgeous new video from indie rockers Halycine, a summery, groove inspired song from alt-pop artist Sarah Solovay, and a multi-genre single from newcomer Ivy Layne.

* Longtime column favorite Birch is back with a new single, and a new sound. Now with a distinctly electro-pop vibe, Birch is looking to reach out and touch listeners with “Cell Phone.”

“Cell Phone” is the lead single off of Birch’s new EP, Not Human, which was released last week. The song is about preferring real human relationships versus technology based interactions. With that in mind, I, personally, can’t wait to see Birch perform “Cell Phone” live.

Give the song a spin … you can take a selfie later.

* If someone’s ever challenged you to find something beautiful in indie rock, send them the video for Halycine’s “Circles.”

Directed by Halycine frontwoman Chloe Raynes, the clip features ballet dancer Nyasha JD dancing her way through various locals around the city not traditionally known as ballet hotspots.

“Circles” is off of Halycine’s debut EP, In The Salt, which was released last year. Check out the video, and get inspired to spread your own brand of beautiful wherever you go.

* Alt-pop artist Sarah Solovay has released her latest single, “Trick Me,” and it’s a summery, groove inspired, jam that has the ability to fill dance floors, and would sound equally great while driving around on a warm day with the windows down.

In a statement, Solovay explained the inspiration for the song, saying, “It's about turning a blind eye to the fact that a guy might not be good for me in the long-term, and just letting the experience be fun and exciting for as long as it lasts. Right now in my life this is really where my head's at – learning to appreciate experiences, and people who come into my life, regardless of how long they will last, or whether it might hurt when it ends.”

“Trick Me” is the second single from Solovay’s upcoming, as of yet untitled EP. Give it a spin, and groove to this potential song of the summer.

* Ivy Layne is a well-traveled pop singer. A lifelong globetrotter, Layne was born in the Ukraine, moved to France with her mother, father, and two brothers when she was a pre-teen, and most recently landed in New York City. Because of this, her debut single, “One You Love,” has an international appeal, mixing genres from around the globe. There’s electro-pop, reggae, and a little R&B thrown in for good measure.

“One You Love” is off of Layne’s recently released EP, In Time, and we’re happy to be In Time to catch Ivy Layne while she’s still indie. Check out the single, and hear why.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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