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NYC Scene Report – Anna Altman, Eric & Magill, & more
Wednesday, May 03, 2017

This week’s NYC Scene Report features an alt-rock song from Anna Altman, a “Tightrope” walk from indie duo Eric & Magill, a trippy clip from producer Yaeji, and a body mover from production collective House of Feelings.

* With a ‘90s alt-rock feel, Anna Altman – not a singular person, but rather the combination of Lucia Arias and Christian Billard – released their full length debut, Freightliner, this past week, and judging by the second single, “M.C. Ph.D,” it’s going to warrant some spins.

Freightliner was recorded reel to reel at Billard’s house in Port Washington, Long Island, which adds to the retro vibe.

Check out “M.C. Ph.D,” and get down with Anna Altman's alt-rock sound that’s familiar, yet fresh.

* Eric & Magill – which is the teaming of Eric Osterman and Ryan Weber – are walking a “Tightrope.” “Tightrope” being the new single off of the indie singer-songwriter folk-pop duo’s forthcoming album Peach Colored Oranges, which is due out May 12th.

“Tightrope” was written by Weber while reflecting on the juxtaposition of going from living on the side of a mountain in a remote desert region of Kenya during his time in the Peace Corp, to residing in a high rise Washington D.C. apartment, and how everything could change in the blink of an eye.
While Weber has been in Kenya, and D.C., Osterman has called Brooklyn home. The distance between D.C. and Brooklyn has been he closest the duo have lived to each other during their unique musical partnership. It’s a partnership that has resulted in some great tunes. Check out “Tightrope” as an example.

* No you aren’t tripping … actually, who am I to say that? You might very well be tripping, but if the visions you’re seeing are of floating pineapples, and showers that turn themselves on and off, have no fear, you’re just watching the trippy new video from NYC-based producer Yaeji for her single “Feel It Out.”

“Feel It Out” is off of Yaeji’s eponymous debut EP, which was released just last week. The video, with it’s crazy scenes, was directed by by Anthony Sylvester, who is known for his wild visuals.

Click play and get lost in Yaeji’s world (and be glad you don’t have to pay the water bill for that shower that has a mind of its own!).

* Even if you’re sitting at a desk right now, House of Feelings is ready to make you move with their latest single, “Hurt Me,” which features vocalist GABI.

House of Feelings is an NYC production collective, and “Hurt Me” is from their upcoming, as of yet untitled, EP, due out this summer via Infinite Best.

As the beat starts on “Hurt Me,” and the initial sax sample, courtesy of band leader Matty, kicks in, the song instantly hooks you. GABI then posits, “Hurt me ... you ain't gonna hurt me,” turning this body moving track into a statement of strength. A statement of strength you can get sweaty to.

Who doesn’t love getting sweaty?

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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