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NYC Scene Report – HOLDN, The Running Lights, & more
Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This week’s NYC Scene Report features the dark pop of HOLDN, a pop-rock tune from The Running Lights, some power rock from Migrant Motel, and a wild video from indie pop favorites Rubblebucket.

* HOLDN – the new dark pop alter-ego of NYC-based artist Gina Petro – is announcing her presence in a big way with the single “BURN.”

“‘BURN’ is about someone walking out of my life without warning,” she explains, “and that person staying within close enough proximity to watch me struggle to stand back up while they continue on as if my pain was non-existent.”

While Petro has a rich history in the alternative rock scene, “BURN” is a decidedly new sound for her, and it’s one she’s spent plenty of time honing, as she went through over 100 demos before landing on “BURN” as the perfect song to debut HOLDN.

Check out the video for “BURN,” and catch HOLDN’s vibe.

* Making great pop music is a heck of a challenge, but NYC trio The Running Lights have clearly figured it out, as their new single, “Once Upon A Time,” is a slice of pop perfection.

In a statement, the band explained the song, saying, “We wanted ‘Once Upon A Time’ to speak to anyone who’s ever been insecure, or embarrassed about the way they feel. Unsaid things can quickly turn into negative thoughts, which can be a drag for you and for those close to you. We want to encourage those people to be open about their feelings, and not solely feelings of love and loss, but about anything and everything.”

The Running Lights, who will be releasing an EP later this year, have appeared on The Voice, and toured with Melanie Martinez, but with “Once Upon A Time” they’re ready to have the spotlight all to themselves. Check out the song, and hear for yourself.

* If you’re looking to rock out, look no further than NYC/Boston-based power rock trio Migrant Motel. The band just released their debut single, “New Religion,” and it’s a wild time.

Migrant Motel’s David Stewart Jr. says of “New Religion,” “This has got to be the most exciting tune we've ever cranked out. We've always found it challenging to be inventive while true to our rock 'n roll roots, but with this song, and the hours and hours of work by the whole Migrant team, I think we've been able to put something really special together.”

“New Religion” is a song you love at first listen, and Migrant Motel is one motel where you’ll want an extended stay.

* Brooklyn-based indie pop faves Rubblebucket have released a video for their latest single, “If U C My Enemies,” and it’s quite the trip.

Singer Kal Traver describes the clip, saying, “When director Ian Pearlman came to us with the idea to do a video based all the kitschy haunted horror cabin films of the ages we couldn't say no, but we had to make sure that the villain was a gender ambiguous fashion witch who taught their victims how to love, and be present with each other, instead of bloodily killing them.”

Traver adds, “We were extremely lucky to have access to a special location – our drummer, and friend, Jeremy's family's 100 year old converted schoolhouse deep in the woods of the Berkshires (it is truly haunted!), and an adjoining long-abandoned marble quarry which furnished the marble for the Lincoln Memorial.”

Rubblebucket will be touring the west coast in May, but you can see their crazy horror themed video for “If U C My Enemies” right here.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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