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NYC Scene Report – PEP, Slothrust, & more
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This week’s NYC Scene Report features the “Nu-Wop Dreamsauce” of PEP, Slothrust’s ultimately rewarding “Horseshoe Crab,” post-punk indie rock from Imaginary People, and some electronic tinged soul from Josh Jacobson.

* NYC’s PEP describes their music as “Nu-Wop Dreamsauce,” and after just one listen, that completely made up genre may end up one of your favorite new genres of music.

“Alleviate that day-to-day stress and put a smile on your face with PEP!” states the band’s bio. “Not just another musical sensation, PEP is the only one of its kind! A cunning blend of musical flavors that serve to titillate the earbuds, PEP has even been scientifically proven to heighten your most intimate moments.”

Hey, who wouldn’t want that!

PEP recently released the single “Get Physical,” which is off of their upcoming, as of yet untitled, album. The song showcases the band’s unique mix of inspirations that include ’60s girl groups, and ‘80s pop. Give it a listen, and hear why audiences throughout the city have been loving PEP.

* If you’re a music fan – which I assume you are if you’re reading this column – you know one of the great joys as a listener is hearing a song build as it’s being performed. While many songs stay in just one lane, and that’s fine, when a band, or an artist, let’s a song build, it allows us to be drawn in, and anticipate the climax, and if the song is good, when that climax happens it’s ultimately rewarding.

A great example of this is Slothrust’s latest single, “Horeshoe Crab.” The Brooklyn-based indie rockers, who are influenced stylistically by jazz, and blues, recently released a live version of the song, and as the energy builds you’ll be ready to rock out at just the right time.

Check out “Horseshoe Crab,” which is off of Slothrust’s 2016 album, Everything Else, and catch the band when they’re on tour this March.

* Growing up, many of us had imaginary friends. Presently, if you’re a fan of reverb-laden post-punk indie rock, you can have more than just one imaginary friend, as you can enjoy NYC’s Imaginary People.

Imaginary People recently finished up their second full length album, October Alice, which is due out in April, and was recorded in a barn in upstate New York. There’s no word on how hard any horses, chickens, or cows may have been rocking out, but my guess is those animals were the envy of all their fellow farm friends.

The latest single off of October Alice is titled “Mr. Hesitance.” Give it a listen, because while they may have “imaginary” in their name, the rock of Imaginary People is real.

* We’ve all heard someone who’s being stared at say, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer!” In the case of Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist Josh Jacobson, he already has some “Polaroids.”

“Polaroids” is the first single off of Jacobson’s forthcoming debut EP, First Light, which is due out March 31st. A blend of electronic music production, live instrumentation, and soulful vocals, the song tells a story of faded memories, lost moments, and a search for meaning.

It’s our first snapshot of Jacobson’s work, and it’s well worth a listen.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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