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First Listen: Chaser Eight – Been Lost Dreaming
Friday, January 27, 2017

There’s something special about a hard rock band going acoustic. It’s why we all loved MTV Unplugged so much. Stripped down, and to the essence, both musically, and emotionally, acoustic sessions routinely show us the depth many rock bands have.

One of Connecticut’s preeminent rock bands is Chaser Eight, and while they routinely rock hard, they also love stripping down musically for what they like to call their “Naked” sessions. Their latest release, a three song compilation titled Been Lost Dreaming, stems from some of those sessions, and I have the exclusive first listen for you right here.

Wanting to know more about Been Lost Dreaming, I caught up with Chaser Eight frontwoman *AUDRA* to find out about the music, and the band’s love of going acoustic.

Tell everyone about Been Lost Dreaming. Where did these songs come from? Were they originally going to be on your acoustic EP, Naked, but weren’t finished in time?

These are songs that needed to come out, but we felt they needed that “Naked” touch. It's very possible that down that road some of them may appear in full band form, but for now we felt “Naked” was the way to go. “Naked” is really just our way of saying acoustic.

It wasn't that they weren't ready when the first Naked EP came out. They weren't even a glimmer in our “Naked” eyes.

We wrote and worked on these after. The real story behind the release is we haven't given our Crazy 8s any new music since March of 2016. We wanted to give them something, and we felt we had something to say. We also love giving people the softer side of Chaser Eight every once and a while.

Who, or what, inspired the content of these songs?

I think it's always people, and situations, for us. I know I personally draw on my life experiences, and people in my life. It usually comes from someone breaking my heart, or pissing me off. {laughs}

You rock HARD when you perform live. What do you love about switching it up, and going acoustic?

Well thanks for the that! I love that we still rock hard, but it's in a much different way. I still belt out my lyrics, and get crazy, but it's a toned down version of crazy.

Our live shows are super live. We all dress the part, as well as play the part. The cool thing about the “Naked” shows is we get to strip all of that down, and it's still a really good time (Editor’s note: No, they don’t perform fully naked, or at least they haven’t yet). Also, the load in and out is WAY easier!

You can pick up Been Lost Dreaming, and all of Chaser Eight’s previous albums, at their online merch store.


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