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NYC Scene Report – P.SO the Earth Tone King, Sloppy Heads, & more
Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This week’s NYC Scene Report features fresh hip-hop from P.SO the Earth Tone King, indie rock from Sloppy Heads, the experimental pop of Dæva, and a live performance from ethereal electro pop artist I Am Snow Angel.

* Every time NYC indie hip-hop veteran P.SO the Earth Tone King releases something new, it’s a must hear. His latest is “Dark Matter[s],” which features The Ovtside, and was produced by longtime collaborators 2 Hungry Bros., and from the beat, to the lyrics, it’s a song you’re going to want to have on repeat.

For lifelong NYC hip-hop fans, there’s a line in the second verse that may spark some memories, and perhaps even tears – “They closed Southpaw, and my friends quit rappin’.” Even if you never attended a show at Southpaw, we all have a favorite venue that shut down, and for those who’ve witnessed friends either give up on a dream, or decide to chase a different dream, it’s a line that truly sticks with you.

* Personal admission: I’m a neat freak. That said, I can totally get down with the music of Sloppy Heads, as the Brooklyn-based band has a very cool indie alt pop-rock sound.

Sloppy Heads just released a new single titled “The Suck,” which is from their soon to be released debut album, Useless Smile, due out January 20th on Shrimper Records. Give the song a spin. I have a feeling you won’t think “The Suck” sucks. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself bopping along to it by the end of the song.

* Sometimes I like an in-depth description of an artist. Other times, as with the case with Dæva, one amazing sentence can be enough to make me want to listen. With a self-description of “local demon girl sings songs,” how on earth could I not want to hear her work?

Currently residing in Brooklyn, the experimental pop artist, whose name translates to “demon” or “false god” in ancient Avestan texts, released her debut album, Beta Persei, last month. She describes the release as a collection of songs about love, loss, and X-Files.

Check out the single “Dream,” and drift away with Dæva.

* It’s getting pretty cold outside, so who better to close out this week’s NYC Scene Report than a snow angel, or more precisely, I Am Snow Angel.

I Am Snow Angel is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer who defies genre categorization. The closest I can come to giving you an idea of her unique sound is by saying she performs ethereal electro pop with hints of artists like Bjork. That should give you a small idea of what you’re going to hear when you click play on I Am Snow Angel’s latest clip, which is a live performance of her song “Losing Face.”

After listening to “Losing Face” you may come up with a far more simple description for I Am Snow Angel’s music – really good!

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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