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NYC Scene Report – Fjer, Halycine, & more
Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This week’s NYC Scene Report features the melodic electro-soul of Fjer, an “Elixir” from indie rock act Halycine, some new wave pop-rock from Loose Buttons, and Camille Harris’ soaring ode to a baby on a subway.

* Fjer has been a longtime favorite of this column, and it’s fitting that her name translates to “feather,” as the NYC, by way of Denmark, singer floats in-between genres, incorporating various elements, and molding them together to craft her ever-changing sound.

Fjer’s latest single is “Better,” a melodic electro-soul track with hints of pop that’s perfect for any late night soundtrack, or midday sonic getaway. She explains the inspiration behind the song, saying, “I approached ‘Better’ like opening a time capsule to my past, where I'd discover that someone I was in an on/off relationship with hadn't changed one bit. There was still this notion that we were just gonna pick up things were we left off, so it was written to remind them of how much better we could've had it, had they chosen me.”

She adds that, musically, “Better,” and her previous single, “Her Turn,” are “meant to be timeless, memorable and catchy. To the point where you just can't deny them, or deny me.”

Don’t deny Fjer, give “Better” a spin.

* If NYC rocker Chloe Raynes isn’t redefining DIY, she’s certainly embodying the concept as much as humanly, and artistically, possible.

Not only doe Raynes have her normal duties as singer, songwriter, and guitarist, on her band Halycine’s latest single, “Elixir,” she also directed, filmed, and edited, the music video. The only way she could have done more for this particular project is if she had been her own Genius Bar tech support person and built the computer she edited the video on.

Check out “Elixir,” which is off of Halycine’s 2016 EP In The Salt. It’s the indie rock cure for whatever might be ailing you.

* Loose buttons on your shirt? Kind of annoying, and something you need to fix. Loose Buttons in your playlist? A perfect fit if you’re into indie rock that blends elements of new wave and pop.

The NYC-based Loose Buttons are gearing up to release an EP titled Sundays on February 24th of 2017, and in anticipation of this they’ve hit listeners with the single “Milk & Roses.” Lead vocalist Eric Nizgretsky says of the song, which is about the final step of getting through a breakup, “There is a restaurant in Greenpoint called Milk & Roses, and it was the last spot my ex and I went to before we broke up. It felt like the best lyric to signify moving on.”

While the song is about a breakup, “Milk & Roses” might inspire you to start a long term relationship with Loose Buttons.

* Sometimes a song requires an in-depth description. Other times, a song’s title tells you everything you need to know. With that latter in mind, closing things out this week is comedian / musician Camille Harris’ “Baby on the Subway.” It is about a baby, who’s on the subway.

Harris, who is a music teacher at The Williamsburg School of Music, and performs for the Brooklyn Public Library system as part of their "Stomp, Clap, and Sing" series, has some pretty strong feelings about this baby she sees on the subway, as one can see in the video for the song. Incidentally, this kind of spontaneous, baby inspired, performance rarely happens during my late night commutes.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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