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NYC Scene Report – Cilver, Journalism, & more
Wednesday, March 09, 2016

This week's NYC Scene Report features meaningful hard rock from Cilver, indie rock from Journalism, post-punk from Bambara, and a must-see video from electronic music trio Tiger Tooth.

* NYC’s Cilver have become regulars here, and for good reason, they're a fantastic hard rock band with a dynamic lead singer, and songs that leave a lasting impression. Cilver's latest is "Afterlife," which is off of their soon to be released album, Not The End Of The World, due out March 18th via Entertainment One Music.

Cilver vocalist Uliana Preotu says of "Afterlife," which was the final song added to the album, "I lost both of my parents at quite a young age, and some friends and family more recently. This song talks a lot about accepting yourself, living your life to its fullest, and living for today instead of waiting for the afterlife."

Don’t wait to click play on this one.

* Brooklyn indie rockers Journalism released their full length debut, Faces, last week via Dead Stare Records, and no, I'm not writing about them just because of my connection to their name. I'm writing about them because their single, "Faces I," is a great song.

Lead singer Kegan Zema says of “Faces I,” "I wrote much of the lyrics to this song about things we were feeling at the time as a band; issues ranging from self-doubt, and branding, to gear malfunctions are discussed in the opening lines. The minutiae are brought to the forefront of the driving beat – we are moving toward something. The chorus features the snarky, and nearly indecipherable, lines, 'Playing rock and roll / No one hears the words,' cascading along with the guitar line. It highlights the stark but prevalent dichotomy of pouring emotion into your work only to blast it out inside tiny venues. Still, as the narrative continues, the character resigns themselves to the life they’ve chosen, feeling fated to pursue artistic endeavors despite the anxiety associated with it."

Click play, and come face to “Faces I” with Journalism.

* Brooklyn-based post-punk outfit Bambara just released their second full length album, Swarm, and if you're looking for something fast, loud, and emotion filled, you're going to want to check out the single, "All The Ugly Things."

Bambara's sound is rough around the edges, and that's exactly what gives it its charm. This isn't music meant to be played in fancy places, this is music meant to be played in venues with sticky floors, and graffiti on the bathroom walls. If that's your scene (and why wouldn't it be? That's a really fun scene!), this one's for you.

* Sometimes a video comes along that you can't take your eyes off of; Tiger Tooth's "Tiger Asylum" is definitely one of those videos. The song is off of the Brooklyn-based electronic music trio's debut LP, which hits stores this month, and the clip starts with the group heading to a studio that’s helmed by an adorable dog in a hoodie. As if a puppy producer wasn't enough to get your attention, the video then takes a strange twist involving a creepy doll that likes to go clubbing.

OK, I realize that description makes it sound like I'm on drugs, but I promise you I'm not, unless CVS has thrown something into their multivitamins to make them truly something special. After you check out the video, I challenge you to try to describe it to a friend without them looking at you like you're crazy!

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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