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NYC Scene Report – Bay Kee, Cilver, & more
Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This week's NYC Scene Report features the retro alt-rock sounds of Bay Kee, some hard rock from Cilver, a little something from singer-songwriter Soft Fangs' childhood attic, and a complete immersion into the world of fantasy techno collective DUST.

* If you loved the 90s slacker alt-rock sound as much as I did, you're really going to enjoy Bay Kee. Bay Kee is Princeton, NJ, native Christine Spilka’s one-woman solo act, and with her effortlessly detached vocals she'll transport you back to when hanging out with your friends, listening to albums all night, was the pinnacle of life (heck, for some of us it still is!).

Earlier this week Bay Kee released an eight song effort titled Wild Wonder, the lead single off of which is "Red Rover." You don’t have to link hands, and call out a friend, to play this "Red Rover," although depending on how old you are, it may remind you of your youth.

* Moving from something retro to something decidedly present day, NYC hard rockers Cilver are continuing to make a name for themselves. Their latest single is titled "I'm America," and according to frontwoman Uliana Preotu it’s "the anthem that America needs today."

In a statement, Preotu added, "It is an anthem for everyone, and about everything that America is, with the good and the bad. While the song is inspired from my personal story, it is the story of everyone who lives in, and loves, this country. It’s a song that sheds light about people's journeys to America, living in America, all the sacrifices everyone makes, and in the end just how great this country is. It’s a beautiful place, you can drink the water!"

"I'm America" is the first single off of Cilver's Not The End Of The World, which is due out March 18th. Give the song a spin, and rock out with Preotu and crew.

* I know this doesn’t happen often, but the NYC Scene Report is about to show its fangs. In this case, that means Brooklyn-via Boston singer-songwriter Soft Fangs, who will be releasing his full length debut album, The Light, on February 19th.

The album was recorded in the attic of his childhood home, which, judging by the lead single, "The Air," has some pretty darn good acoustics. I know the attic in my childhood home had Christmas decorations in it. Soft Fangs' must have had some really solid soundproofing.

"The Air" is a deep song, as Soft Fangs explains, “I wanted to write a song about someone jumping off a bridge, both in the metaphysical, and literal, sense. The air represents the space between thoughts and actions, where everything is indeterminate. In my opinion, it's the moment that occurs right before death, and right before enormous creative discovery.”

Click play, and discover Soft Fangs. No bridge jumping necessary.

* I first discovered the epic weirdness that is Brooklyn-based fantasy techno trio DUST last month, and with their full length debut, Agony Planet, due out on January 22nd, they're making a return appearance in the column with the video for their song "She Woke Up In Water."

The clip was recorded live at Good Room in Brooklyn, and is reportedly a perfect intro to the group, and their work. After watching it, I think I'd like to experience DUST in person. They seem like a crazy good time.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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