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NYC Scene Report - Baeb Rxxth, Safety, & more
Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This week’s NYC Scene Report features the trap-pop of Baeb Rxxth, hard rockers Safety losing their minds, a dream pop offering from New Jersey’s Long Beard, and the indie chamber pop of Green and Glass.

* I first wrote about Brooklyn based singer-songwriter-producer Nasimiyu Murumba back in 2013, which, as coincidence would have it, also happens to be when the then solo artist linked up with producer Devon Craig Johnson. As a duo they are Baeb Rxxth, and the music they're creating together is an exciting mixture of trap, and pop.

The two met at one of Johnson's Chinatown dance parties, and reportedly instantly bonded over discussions of hip-hop, songwriting, and production gear.

“I think of us as a production team," Murumba says of their musical partnership, "we’re side-by-side on drum machines, samplers, and synth bass keyboards, building these big, fun, sound houses to shelter what had begun as just my weird little singer-songwriter piano demos.”

The first example of their trap-pop collaboration is the song "Gutter," which is off of Baeb Rxxth's debut EP, OMW, due out in November. Check it out. It's one gutter you won't mind waking up in.

* Many musicians take a circuitous path to becoming residents of Brooklyn. For example, the now Brooklyn based rock band Safety started in a high school in Tampa, Florida, when guitarist/vocalist Andy Diaz, and bassist/vocalist Grayum Vickers decided to form the band.

Over the years, Safety released albums, toured extensively, and then decided to make the move to BK. Once there they linked up with drummer Nick Dolan, and just last week the trio released their latest EP, Congratulate Me, I've Lost My Mind.

The lead single off of Congratulate Me, I've Lost My Mind is "The Shadow Over Brooklyn," a driving rock song reminiscent of the early millennial scene, while still being decidedly modern. Give it a spin, and rock out with Safety.

* Taking a quick trip to New Jersey, we find Long Beard. Long Beard is the performance name of Leslie Bear, and her debut album, Sleepwalker, which is due out in October, is the result of four years of work, and a goal of wanting to have the album represent a singular vision. That vision is the theme of transitioning into adulthood in modern America.

Some of the topics Sleepwalker will reportedly touch on include growing apart from old friends, and premature nostalgia.

The lead single off of the album is "Porch," and with breathy vocals, and a dream pop landscape, this is one porch I could spend a lot of time hanging out on. After you give the song a listen, I know you'll want to join me.

* Green and Glass is a band I discovered because their harp player, and vocalist, Lucia Stavros, is a master networker. We met at a show at Rockwood Music Hall all the way back in February, at which point she let me know about Green and Glass, and another project of hers, Best News.

While she didn't have new music for me at the time, fast-forward to this past week, and suddenly I’m listening to Green and Glass’ brand new, two song, EP.

Describing their sound as "indie chamber pop," the combination of the harp, bass, drums, trumpet, saxophone, and keyboard, along with Stavros' vocals, complete a truly unique musical package that's incredibly melodic.

Check out this live performance clip, and get to know the music of Green and Glass.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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