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Friday, January 31, 2020

On Tuesday night, equipped with just her keyboard, and the venue’s piano, indie pop artist Sophie Colette was front and center at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1.

Despite it being 7pm on a weeknight, the place was packed, and those who weren’t already fans of Colette, were quickly wowed by the Brooklyn-based artist.

Here are three reasons you should make it a point to be in the audience next time, and see Sophie Colette live.

1. She performs sophisticated indie pop

Sophie Colette is a prime example that pop music can be for grown ups.

For years I have written about how pop music doesn’t have to be juvenile, and how it doesn’t have to revolve around teen love, or choreographed dance moves. Pop can be about grown up themes and concepts (we all know grown up love is very different than teen love). Pop can be, in a word – sophisticated … or in this case, SOPHIE-sticated, as with her songs, and stage presence, Colette’s brand of pop music is most definitely grown folks’ music.

2. Her live vocals are better than most artists' recorded vocals

When Colette started singing, I was floored. He voice is so crystal clear, so clean, so pure, and so downright gorgeous, there isn’t a flaw to be heard.

Certain artists can make an entire venue pay attention with just the sound of their voice, and Colette is one of those artists.

3. You need to hear Cheap Trick as done by Mozart

While sitting at the piano, Colette started talking about Mozart, saying he was one of her favorite composers. She noted that she’d attempted to create a Mozart-inspired arrangement for the cover she was about the perform. As she started playing what initially seemed like a classical composition, a twist came in the form of some of the most recognizable classic rock lyrics of all time – “I want you to want me / I need you to need me.” Yes, she was performing Cheap Trick as if they were composed by Mozart, and believe me when I tell you her musical creation is absolutely a must-hear.

To find out when, and where, Sophie Colette will be performing next, check out her website, or Facebook page, for show dates.


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