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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen NYC hip-hop veteran Super King Armor perform live over the past decade-plus, but the fact that I continue to mark his shows on my calendar, and attend as many of them as possible, should tell you something about him as a performer.

Most recently, I caught Super King Armor at The Delancey (home of the most expensive well drinks on the planet), and he once again tore it down.

If you haven’t already looked up when and where he’s performing next, here are three reasons you should join me in the crowd for one of Super King Armor shows.

1. He is pure energy

One of the first things you’ll notice at a Super King Armor show is that he performs like he has Red Bull flowing through his veins. I’m not sure what takes over his body when he hits the stage, but whether he’s launching into one of his classics, like “Warganism,” or rapping something off of his most recent album, Gone is the Illusion, his energy level is cranked up to 11, and never wavers.

2. There’s a personal aspect to every show

Although an indie artist’s stage time is always shorter than they – and their fans – would like it to be, Super King Armor manages to put a personal touch on each show. For a number of songs he goes the VH1 Storytellers route, giving fans the story behind the song, even if it means revealing something deeply personal, and wearing his heart on his sleeve while on stage.

During other times in his show he’ll call for audience participation, so if you’re in the crowd, and especially hyped, you may be asked to come up on stage to do push ups with him as an intro to “I Workout,” or hold his drawing pad so he can create an illustration while freestyling (this is really cool to see).

3. He turns everyone into a fan

For this particular show Super King Armor was on a bill with a bunch of acts that had little to no musical connection. The crowd grew as he performed, eventually becoming wall-to-wall people, and by the end of his set he had all the fans of all the other acts totally engaged, and even doing a little call and response.

He’d drawn them in, and he’d done so in under 30 minutes.

When you see Super King Armor perform, whether you paid to see him, or another act on the bill, you become a Super King Armor fan.

To find out when, and where, Super King Armor will be performing next, check out his Facebook page for show dates. And for more Super King Armor give his Stacking The Deck feature a read.


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