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Friday, January 12, 2018

I’m not saying taking home the title of album of the year here at Adam’s World is the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon an artist – some may still be interested in one of those Grammy things – but it’s certainly the highest honor I can bestow upon an artist, and this past year that honor went to Georgia-based blues rock sister duo Larkin Poe for their incredible album, Peach.

The latest single off of Peach is “Look Away,” and I caught up with the Larkin Poe twosome of Rebecca and Megan Lovell to find out more about the song, the album, and what tour life is like for the road warrior sisters.

First off, congrats on Peach! With a mixture of classic blues covers, and original songs, how did you go about making sure it would be cohesive when spun front to back?

Megan: We're so pleased that Peach is out, and are overwhelmed by, and so thankful for, the positive response!

Honestly, Peach was made very quickly over a long weekend, without terribly much overthinking … which is a good thing for us, because we're perfectionists and are liable to pick our albums to death given enough time.

This was a rough, raw, process, and was the first time that we self-produced, and played everything on an album. I think that's why, even though there is a bit of genre hopping and blending on the album, it remains cohesive. It's all us, so it all sounds like Larkin Poe.

It was our favorite album making experience of our career. 

What do you feel makes “Look Away” a perfect song to release as a single?

Rebecca: Playing with programming, and synths, is a new experience for us, so we were very excited to hear what our fans thought about the fresh production of “Look Away.” Plus, it's a really meaningful song to us, lyrically and vocally. We really enjoy singing those harmonies together.   

The video for “Look Away” is visually stunning, while still being relatively no frills. What were your goals for the video going in, and how did you pull off that vision?

Rebecca: We're musicians and performers first and foremost, so we wanted the music video for “Look Away” to showcase that. We certainly aren't actresses, so we stuck with what comes naturally – playin' and sangin'!

We filmed it out in the middle of the woods about 20 minutes outside of Nashville. It was a cold and dark night. We built a fire, lit some candles, and got into that dusky, backlit mood.

You are sisters who work, and tour, together. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever fought over, either professionally, or otherwise, and how was that fight ultimately resolved?

Megan: We have fought about some of the most ridiculous things. I'm sure most siblings can relate.

I remember fighting viciously over a few spilled kernels of popcorn in my sister's car – I’m a slob, she's a neat freak, that's a deadly combination – but, for the most part, we've gotten past petty fights.

Rebecca: We have to be respectful of each other, or touring would be truly miserable. 

I need a good tour story. What’s the closest you two have ever come to getting arrested, without actually getting arrested?

Megan: Is attempting to melt faces illegal? If not, we haven't come close to being arrested. We're peace lovin' rockers.

What’s the worst thing you’re willing to admit you’ve eaten simply because you were hungry, and in the van?

Rebecca: The touring lifestyle truly can make for some strange meals. We've made many a banquet out of canned corn and beans.

Megan: One of the saddest meals I can remember eating on tour was in Wales on Thanksgiving day. We were dreaming about the mashed potatoes and cornbread dressing that was no doubt getting scarfed down at home, while picking at a very uninspiring single-serve frozen lasagna.

What’s the one thing you always run out of while on tour? If fans are reading this, they can bring whatever it is to the venue the next time you’re in their town!

Rebecca: Socks. It's the one thing I never remember to bring enough of.

Megan: Also, SkinnyPop cheddar popcorn. I go through that stuff unholy quickly.

Finally, what are your plans for 2018?

Rebecca: We're working on the next record already.

We'll be getting back into the studio soon … and it looks like we're gonna be doing a hell of a lot of touring.

Rock on 2018!

For more Larkin Poe, check out larkinpoe.com.


posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:00 AM  
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