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Artist Of The Week - Showtyme
Monday, February 28, 2011

O.I.S.D.uary is coming to a close this week with the last, but certainly not least, member of O.I.S.D. to be featured here, Showtyme. For those looking in recent Artist Of The Week history and only seeing four of the members of O.I.S.D. you might be wondering “where’s J.Monopoly?” He was actually featured in 2009 back when “Right In The Kissah,” his collaboration with Top $ Raz and Kalil Kash, was tearing the roof off shows all over NYC.

With O.I.S.D. prepping a new album, and with them having become one of NYC’s preeminent underground hip-hop groups, I decided to dedicate the entire month’s worth of Artist Of The Week features to them. I asked the members of the group the same questions so their distinct personalities could shine. One of my favorite results from this are the different stories of how each member came to be a part of the group. J.O. led off the series of interviews, E.Y.E.Q batted second, Khid 2 Che was featured last week, and now Showtyme is closing things out and tying up any loose ends.

Adam Bernard: Start me off with your history in O.I.S.D. How did you land in the group and how do you know the other members?
Showtyme: Me and Khid 2Che grew up on the 40th (North) side of the Queensbridge Housing Projects. We started rapping in a group prior to O.I.S.D. when we were younger. We met the rest of the members of O.I.S.D. while attending Long Island City High School around our junior/senior year and came together as a group around the time I was graduating.

Adam Bernard: What do you feel makes you five emcees coming together as O.I.S.D. special?
Showtyme: The important thing about us is that we’re all close because we pretty much grew up together. We’re a family outside of just being a rap group, so our vibe with each other isn’t forced, it’s rather natural. Also, we each have our own individual styles and personalities that appeal to different crowds, which accommodates our fan base.

Adam Bernard: What has been your favorite moment, either in the studio, or on stage, with the group?
Showtyme: My favorite moment was our first full set performance at Dylan's Candy Bar.

Adam Bernard: Have you had any strange, unexpected, or downright crazy moments yet?
Showtyme: A couple moments with gossip about our crew that I wasn't feeling. People acting, saying tricky things behind our back.

Adam Bernard: What makes you unique within the group? How do we know when it’s your verse on a song?
Showtyme: What separates my style from the rest of the group is I’m a real punch line oriented rapper. I'm real flashy with it, and real confident, while also being humble.

Adam Bernard: Let’s take it to high school for a moment. You know how in yearbooks you have people who are voted “class clown,” “most likely to succeed,” “most likely to love their virginity at a Comic-Con?” OK, maybe not that last one. Create your own high school yearbook descriptions for the other members of the group.
Showtyme: Khid 2Che - Most missed days. Celebrity lookalike - Will Smith.
E.Y.E.Q - Celebrity lookalike - Mos Def
J.Monopoly - Emcee of the year. Celebrity lookalike - KRS-One.
J.O. - Basketball team. Celebrity lookalike - Dwayne Wade.

Adam Bernard: Tell me a little bit about your next group project, as well as any other projects you’re currently working on.
Showtyme: We're currently working on an EP called Houston & 1st that should hopefully be out by the end of this month. We're also working on an album called School's Out that should be coming out late spring / early summer.

Adam Bernard: Since I like to have at least a little fun with every interview, close this one out by revealing one album that you’re totally ashamed to have in your collection.
Showtyme: I’m ashamed of maybe 2Official.

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