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Monday, February 21, 2011

I hope everyone has been enjoying getting to know the emcees of Operation Industry Shut Down during this very special monthlong series of interviews. This week O.I.S.D.uary continues with Khid 2Che. In addition to revealing a little bit of his background, Khid 2Che discusses what he feels makes O.I.S.D. such a great team, why you’ll never mistake him for Drake, and what Sisqo has to do with his album collection.

Adam Bernard: Start me off with your history in O.I.S.D. How did you land in the group and how do you know the other members?
Khid 2Che: We all went to high school together. We all use to freestyle in our lunch room during breakfast time. During the summer of 2006 Monopoly came to me and Showtyme and presented us with an opportunity to be part of a group he was making. We agreed, J.O. joined that fall, and the rest is hip-hop history.

Adam Bernard: What do you feel makes you five emcees coming together as O.I.S.D. special?
Khid 2Che: I feel what makes O.I.S.D. special is our history with one another. Showtyme and I have been friends since we were 12 years old, and been rapping since we were about 14 or 15. I’ve been friends with the rest of the O since I was 16, so it’s been a long time of friendship. Since we know each other so well we understand our personal style, so we are able to develop a style that compliments each other’s rhyme and performance style perfectly.

Adam Bernard: What has been your favorite moment, either in the studio, or on stage, with the group?
Khid 2Che: Wow, let me think. I gotta say my favorite moment with the group by far was the whole month of December ‘09. We recorded a good part, hell I think almost all, of the Leaders of The True School album at Koncept’s (of Brown Bag Allstars) home studio. They (BBAS) were very cool and welcoming and we learned a whole lot from them that we now can adapt to our future music. Also the photo shoot for Leaders of The True School. All of the people who came and showed their love and support showed that they had faith in us and our music. Phat shouts to Jessica Estevez, aka IHEARTDOLLA lol, Amanda Velez, Dremur, Alicia, Joe Columbo, YC the Cynic, Liz on the photos, VIYTHM, Kalae All Day,  and Nora Symphony!

Adam Bernard: Have you had any strange, unexpected, or downright crazy moments yet?
Khid 2Che: A few drunk people came on stage but nothing major... yet. I'll let you know the moment get flashed or something. Trust I wont run away and scream like Drake did in that video. {laughs}

Adam Bernard: What makes you unique within the group? How do we know when it’s your verse on a song?
Khid 2Che: Well, physically it’s my sense of style. I’m definitely a Jordan fanatic and an uber Hypebeast, but hey, I'm proud of it. As far as my flow, though, people say it’s my enunciation that lets people know it’s me. I personally think that I say “Khid 2-che” in a lot of my verses. {laughs}

Adam Bernard: Since the groundwork for O.I.S.D. was laid in high school, let’s take it back there for a moment. In yearbooks you have people who are voted “class clown,” “most likely to succeed,” “most likely to love their virginity at a Comic-Con.” OK, maybe not that last one. Create your own high school yearbook descriptions for the other members of the group.
Khid 2Che: Monopoly would be “Most likely to literally talk his way out of a paper bag.” That dude can talk his ass off. Showtyme would be “Most likely to be on Dancing with the Stars.” If he could, dancing would be his mode of communication.  E.Y.E.Q would be “Most likely to own a chain of dispensaries.” Need I say more? {laughs} J.O. would definitely be “Most likely to have a full sized basketball inside his studio” basketball is embedded in this dudes DNA.

Adam Bernard: Tell me a little bit about your next group project, as well as any other projects you’re currently working on.
Khid 2Che: We have a EP coming out this month called Houston & 1st. We also have our second album, School’s Out, coming in the spring. I also have a little solo mixtape that I plan on having out by July called Khid Tested Mother Approved. There are also several solo project from J.Monopoly, E.Y.E.Q, J.O., and Partners in Rhyme, which is myself and E.Y.E.Q). Needless to say, we have a whole lot of music coming your way in 2011.

Adam Bernard: Since I like to have at least a little fun with every interview, close this one out by revealing one album that you’re totally ashamed to have in your collection.
Khid 2Che: That has to be a tie between Will Smith’s Willennium and Sisqo’s Unleash The Dragon. I never listen to either of them anymore, but never thought to throw them away. *throws CDs at the Wall*

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